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New Updated C1000-109 dumps exam questions online exam practice

New Updated C1000-109 exam questions online exam practice!


A mobile application developer is using IBM Mobile Foundation for the backend services. The application end-users
need access to the application data even when there is no network and the application is running offline. Which of the
following IBM Mobile Foundation features will help in this scenario?

A. JSONStore
B. Mobile Foundation SDK
C. AES 256 encryption and Data storage
D. Mobile Foundation Adapters


What would a developer write to manage the lifecycle of an application in an IBM Cloud OpenShift cluster?

A. An operator
B. A private registry
C. A junction
D. A docker instance


Which of the following is the benefit of the IBM API Connect Developer Portal?

A. Create different versions of API
B. Create an Application and subscribe to the IBM cloud catalog
C. Analyze API usage
D. Onboard new API mobile users


In the Ops part of DevOps practices, one key practice is Service Management and Operations. A team is deploying a
new version of an application and. after a bad history of recurring fails in production, wants to implement practices to
avoid recurring problems. What IBM Garage practice can be used by the team to achieve its goal?

A. The team can implement tools to identify, correlate and analyze events and alerts
B. The team can implement the 5 Hows approach to analyze each fail
C. The team can implement collaboration tools to unify the team in problem resolution
D. The team can implement health check APIs to monitor applications services


A developer has been granted the Viewer role for the IBM Log Analysis with LogDNA Web Ul and view logs. Which of
the following actions will the user be able to achieve?

A. Launch the Web Ul and view logs in the Web Ul
B. View the list of service instances in the Observability Logging dashboard
C. View service keys through the Web Ul
D. ReviewIAM permissions granted to other users


What is an option for a developer tasked to create APIs for a business service using the API Gateway on IBM Cloud?

A. Submitting a WAR/JAR file to a static analysis tool to auto-create APIs based on business logic
B. Importing APIs using Swagger/OpenAPI definitions stored on .json. .yml and .yaml files
C. Creating Kubernetes services resources that will automatically create API for each Service resource on API Connect
D. Importing APIs stored in .zip files


What approach should be taken to request a policy limit increase for an account?

A. Submit a support case
B. Request via CLI
C. Request via API
D. Adjust account profile settings


Which of the following components is used for Sysdig agent installation in an IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service cluster?

A. DaemonSet
B. Object mapping using labels
C. Pod with Spec Monitor agent
D. Sidecar to the Pod


For a DevOps team, one of the most important capabilities is Continuous Feedback. On a team using IBM Garage
method, what Continuous Feedback technique can be used to collect user feedback on new features developed by the

A. A / B test can be used to deploy two different versions of a feature in production and monitor how users interact with them
B. A continuous deployment tool can be used to alternate the application version in the production environment and monitor their usage by users
C. A design thinking session can be used to define the personas and collect their feeling about new features developed
D. Blue / Green deployment can be used to deploy two different versions of the application at the same time and collect data on how users are using them


An enterprise in the auto manufacturing industry manages applications that run across multiple data centers, network
zones, and scattered environments.

The server Admin team is looking to have a single dashboard to seamlessly and
consistently deploy applications running across multiple clouds and manage it all through that single dashboard. Which IBM Cloud Pak is recommended for this requirement?

A. Cloud Pak for Data
B. Cloud Pak Multicloud Manager
C. Cloud Pak for Watson
D. Cloud Pak for Applications


Which two of the following are benefits of a Content Delivery Network (CDN)?

A. Connects high-speed direct links between your account and theirs to provide reliable low latency connections
B. Mitigates distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, man-in-the-middle attacks, and other common attacks on websites
C. Copies websites to a central location to deliver fast responses to improve customer satisfaction
D. Provides infrastructure and bandwidth in planned remote locations at a predefined hourly rate
E. Decreases impacts to website performance by reducing the effects of spikes or surges in demand


Does an e-commerce mobile application need to understand individual user\\’s interactions to define a personalized product recommendation Which of the following configuration can help the application to collect necessary data?

A. Enable the IBM Watson Analytics for MobileFirst settings to true in the application descriptor file
B. Integrate the mobile application with IBM Analytics Engine
C. Enable LogMetrics in IBM MobileFirst Platform on IBM cloud portal
D. Initialize the MobileFirst Analytics SDK and enable the capture of lifecycle and network analytic data

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