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[Aug.-2017-New] First-hand CCIE Wireless 400-351 Dumps Exam Questions with VCE and PDF For Free Download on Issuu

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Exam Code: 400-351
Exam Name: CCIE Wireless
Updated: Aug 02, 2017
Q&As: 261

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 400-351 dumps

2017 Cisco 400-351 Dumps (All 49 Q&As) From Pass4itsure: 

1. How do you achieve full system redundancy in a precision air conditioning system?
A. install multiple air conditioning systems in an N+1 configuration
B. install a properly-sized DX air cooled unit with chilled water back-up
C. install a properly-sized air conditioning unit with redundant compressors
D. install Building System cooling (comfort cooling) with an air conditioning unit in standby
400-351 exam Answer: A
2. What are two reasons why a fully rated UPS (output kW = output kVA) is more compatible with today’s
IT loads than an 80%-rated UPS (output kW = output kVA at a 0.8 power factor)? (Choose two.)
A. 80%-rated UPSs are more efficient.
B. Today’s IT loads are power-factor corrected.
C. Fully-rated UPSs have superior output voltage control.
D. Fully-rated UPSs make it less likely to undersize the UPS.
E. Today’s IT loads lock up when powered by an 80%-rated UPS.
Answer: BD
3. A site requires redundant power feeds to single-corded servers. What is a possible redundant
A. two single-module UPSs feeding one rack-mount Automatic Transfer Switch and one outlet strip per
B. two single-module UPSs each feeding dual-panel distribution boards, which in turn feed two outlet
strips per rack
C. two single-module UPSs each feeding two outlet strips per rack; plugging half the servers in one strip
and the other half in another strip
D. two single-module UPSs each fed from separately derived utility sources; sources that come from one
of two independent utility substations
400-351 pdf Answer: A
4. If a company requests that its UPS output power be distributed to the racks through an isolation
transformer, what are they trying to do?
A. decrease the cable size to the load

B. increase the efficiency of the system
C. increase availability throughout the data center
D. prevent electrical noise from locking up the servers
Answer: D
5. What is a common application for 2-post racks?
A. telecom
B. server room
C. remote office
D. IT data center
400-351 vce Answer: A
6. What is the most accurate way to determine the capacity of an existing standby generator?
A. ask the facility manager
B. calculate 30% over the UPS capacity
C. look at the generator name plate in the genset room
D. calculate capacity based on the load the generator is powering
Answer: C
7. Click the Calculator button. A medium-size data center has been retrofitted and the new IT equipment
requires 39kW at a power factor 0.90. The existing UPS system is 40kVA. Which two actions should you
take? (Choose two.)
A. keep the actual UPS system: 40kVA means 40kW
B. replace the diesel generator to cover the extra load
C. replace the actual UPS system with a minimum 45kVA
D. check the entire UPS installation to make sure it is able to support the new load
400-351 dumps Answer: CD
8. An IT manager wants one hour of UPS runtime on a Voice over IP (VoIP) solution that will be located in
a small wiring closet. To get the full hour of runtime and continuous operation, what else must be in place?

A. The closet must have sufficient cooling for that period.
B. Shutdown software should be loaded on the VoIP server.
C. The UPS must be oversized in wattage to provide this runtime.
D. The equipment must be installed in a full enclosure for proper security.
Answer: A
9. Which two products are appropriate for an IT network wiring closet? (Choose two.)
A. single-phase UPS
B. 800 amp DC rectifier
C. 4-post open frame rack
D. 10kVA three-phase UPS
E. 15-ton computer room air conditioner
400-351 exam Answer: AC
10. You have specified that a 1000 VA rack-mount UPS solution be added to your client’s existing data
center. Considering the size of the UPS, which service product is appropriate?
A. Load Bank
B. Thermography
C. Extended Warranty
D. Preventive Maintenance
Answer: C
11. A company has a 30kW N+1 InfraStruXure solution in their small data center. In the event of a power
module failure, it wants e-mail notification that there is a loss of redundancy. The only connection is a LAN
connection for monitoring. What should you do?
A. using the InfraStruXure Manager, connect into the RJ45 port and configure the e-mail notification
B. using an Out of Band Management Card, connect into an external modem and configure the e-mail
notification feature
C. using the serial port on the UPS, connect the UPS solution to a desktop computer and configure the
e-mail notification feature

D. using the Building Management Card, connect the UPS solution to the facility Building Management
software and configure the e-mail notification feature
400-351 pdf Answer: A
12. A remote office for a small business has 20 employees. Its IT equipment supports four file servers,
e-mail, storage, and Internet access. Which three products are appropriate for this office’s IT room that
has no IT staff? (Choose three.)
A. 30kW N+1 UPS
B. 12kVA N+1 UPS
C. 4-post rack D. 15-ton computer room air conditioner
E. remote security and environmental monitoring
Answer: BCE
13. A company has an existing data center where the temperature does not go below 27?Celsius
(80?Fahrenheit). There are hot spots in the data center where the temperature is even higher. There is
one 40kW chilled-water unit and 60kW of IT heat load in the space. The customer wants to reduce the
temperature to 22?Celsius (72?Fahrenheit) and provide N+1 redundancy. What is the most reliable and
cost-effective solution?
A. add one 40kW chilled-water unit
B. add two 60kW chilled-water units
C. add two 40kW chilled-water units
D. add one 40kW refrigerant-based unit
E. add one 60kW refrigerant-based unit
400-351 vce Answer: C
14. A data center with raised-floor air distribution has hot spot problems in the equipment racks closest to
the air conditioners. What are two possible solutions to this problem? (Choose two.)
A. moving the racks closer to the air conditioners B.
increasing airflow rate from the air conditioners C.
moving the racks away from the air conditioners
D. decreasing airflow rate from the air conditioners
Answer: CD

15. How do you identify the minimum runtime required for an IT environment that has different servers
and operating systems running?
A. by the number of operating systems running
B. by the life of the specified batteries: 5 years or 10 years
C. by the total power load (A longer runtime is needed as the load increases.)
D. by identifying the longest shutdown time required by any of the operating systems
400-351 dumps Answer: D
16. A computer room is drawing 100 A as measured at the input electrical panel. The electrician does not
know the
room’s power factor. The room requires UPS backup. Which UPS output rating ensures that the UPS is
properly sized?
A. kVA at a 0.7 output power factor
B. kVA at a 0.8 output power factor
C. kVA at a 0.9 output power factor
D. kVA rated at a unity output power factor
Answer: D
17. After your configuration is approved, your client requests changes that require you to modify the
solution. Which BuildOut Tool option allows you to make changes to the approved solution and assigns a
new solution ID?
A. Save
B. Save As
C. Email Solution
D. Submit Solution Review
400-351 pdf Answer: B
18. Within the Sizing Area section of the InfraStruXure BuildOut Tool, what is a “block”?
A. a space allocated for cooling
B. a rack position within the floor layout

C. a rack position that allows power to cross
D. a rack position that does not allow power to cross
Answer: D
19. You have successfully completed an InfraStruXure solution using the BuildOut Tool. The client wants
a complete system description including features and benefits. Which BuildOut Tool option provides this
A. CTO Report
B. Proposal Request
C. Solution Information
D. Detailed Quote Report
400-351 exam Answer: B
20. You are using the InfraStruXure BuildOut Tool. What information is needed to size an InfraStruXure
A. Volts and Amps
B. system redundancy
C. total number of power modules
D. Watts per rack and number of racks
Answer: D

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