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How to get the best score in the HP HPE Sales Certified HPE2-E75 exam

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HPE2-E75 exam

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HP HPE Sales Certified HPE2-E75 practice test (Part of) [free HPE2-E75 exam questions answers]

What has been a hallmark of HPE from the time it started?
A. innovative solutions
B. converged infrastructure
C. conventional paradigms
D. IT as a service
Correct Answer: A

What is a good indication of a sales opportunity for an Aruba Mobile First Network?
A. IT is struggling to keep up with the amount of datathat the business is generating.
B. The customer needs to streamline the onboarding process for personal devices.
C. Clients are asking for services that the business does not currently offer.
D. Developers need to accelerate their development cycles for mobile apps.
Correct Answer: C

What is one of the most effective ways to start a discovery conversation with a customer?
A. Discuss the HPE solutions that you think are best suited for this type of customer.
B. Ask about the company\\’s priorities and strategies and listen to determine issues and obstacles.
C. Establish trust by describing the distinguished history ofinnovation at HPE.
D. Tell them about one of your recent sales wins to demonstrate your ability to handle this deal.
Correct Answer: B

In talking to your customers, what would suggest an HPE Hybrid IT opportunity?
A. The customer wants to know if better collaboration tools will improve employee productivity.
B. The customer is interested in updating their wired and wireless network to include a unified management solution.
C. The customer wants to implement user-based access to prevent unauthorized users from gaining access.
D. The customer has been trying to automate their infrastructure but is seeing few results.
Correct Answer: D

What is one competitive advantage of an HPE Intelligent Workspace solution?
A. HPE holds more patents forlocation-based services technology than any other vendor.
B. HPE is the only company to deliver digital unified communications (UC) and collaboration solutions.
C. HPE provides an end-to-end solution and avoids partnering with applicationproviders.
D. HPE has extensive experience with workplace productivity, platforms, and infrastructure.
Correct Answer: D

What is one reason businesses choose public cloud?
A. Public cloud offers more control over IT resources thanother cloud models.
B. Public cloud eliminates the need for onsite capital equipment or IT support.
C. Public cloud offers the ability to move workloads on-premises and off-premises as needed.
D. Public cloud is considered the least risky option in terms of data sovereignty and security.
Correct Answer: B

What are some of the services supported by anHPE Intelligent Workspace solution?
A. desktop management and provisioning with HPE Unified API
B. desk hoteling and dynamic space scheduling
C. rapid deployment and management of HPC clusters
D. DevOps and Platform as a Service (PaaS)
Correct Answer: B

Which customer issue does an in-memory database address?
A. the need for desktop virtualization
B. the need for flexible storage and compute scaling
C. the need for datavirtualization in the cloud
D. the need for faster insights from data
Correct Answer: D

Why might you recommend Proactive CareAdvanced rather than Proactive Care?
A. The company wants reports that are tailored for them.
B. The company needs monitoring 24×7.
C. The company wants enhanced call handling.
D. The company needs a dedicated HPE Account Support Manager (ASM).
Correct Answer: D

Which domains are part of the HPE strategy? (Select two )
A. Commercial loT
B. Intelligent Edge
C. Branch Office and Campus Networking
D. Wide AreaNetworking
E. Machine Learning
F. Hybrid IT
Correct Answer: BF

Which customer statement indicates an HPE Intelligent Edge opportunity?
A. “We need a high-performance computing (HPC) solution so that we can analyze data more quickly.”
B. “Our developers need to roll out applications much more quickly.”
C. “We need to break down the silos within our data center.”
D. “We need help making our company more attractive for young,talented millennials.”
Correct Answer: A

Howshould you discuss digital transformation with your customers?
A. Downplay the importance of digital transformation, since it is a trend that is not as relevant as it was a year ago.
B. Focus on the way public cloud solutions can speed delivery of services and applications.
C. Help them elevate digital transformation from an incubation project to a business imperative.
D. Explain that digital transformation is just a buzzword and that they should focus on the New Economy instead.
Correct Answer: B

Why is it important to meet with other influential decision makers in a company?
A. It allows you to present technical information about products to executives outside of IT.
B. Your credibility increases when you are able to converse effectively with leaders in business, finance, and technical
C. Because most companies are moving from an OPEX to a CAPEX funding model, top executives need to approve
largepurchases associated with IT projects.
D. As more companies move to public cloud, the IT manager role is no longer involved in IT purchases.
Correct Answer: B

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