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Which methods of calculation within a schedule are used to calculate percent complete with Scheduler Plus?

A. Date, Estimate, Contractor
B. Date, Estimate, Task
C. Actual, Physical, Contractor
D. Actual, Physical, Task


What is the DEFLTREG group used for in Maximo Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)?

A. allows users access to default EAM functionality
B. allows users to change their passwords
C. allows users to self-register into Maximo EAM
D. allows users to customize their Ul experience


Which two data connections are available out of the box with Maximo Asset Health Insights (MAHI)?

A. ATandT Asset Management Operations Center
B. Microsoft Azure Data Lake
C. Google Cloud Platform
D. Amazon Web Services
E. IBM Watson loT Platform
Correct Answer: A


Which two circumstances would be recommended using a Snapshot package to migrate data?

A. when there are few or selective changes
B. when changes are made to a single application
C. when the changes are made by specific users
D. during the initial data load when setting up an environment
E. when there are many changes at the same time


When an abnormal behavior is detected for an asset, what does this mean?

A. a part has been damaged and should be replaced
B. a deviation from normal behavior has occurred and should be investigated
C. an asset is due preventive maintenance work
D. the asset has reached the end of useful life and should be decommissioned


When assigning assets to a Lease/Rental contract, what must a user have?

A. asset owner information
B. rotating item number and associated asset numbers
C. make and model of each asset
D. the asset location


How is the Risk Priority Number per Asset or Location calculated in Maximo Asset Performance Management (APM)?

A. by aggregating the amount of Corrective Work Orders associated to the Asset or Location
B. by aggregating the amount of Failure Modes associated to the Asset or Location
C. by multiplying the Failure Consequence number with the Failure Probability number per Failure Mode
D. by aggregating the Corrective Work Order cost associated to the Asset or Location


An individual organization in Maximo Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) wishes to have a slightly different General Ledger (GL) Account Code structure than others in the database. Where would this be configured?

A. Database Configuration
B. Security Groups
C. Chart of Accounts
D. Organization


Which two Maximo Enterprise Asset Management Security (EAM) Groups are available out of the box?



Which is a limitation to a Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML)-only authentication?

A. E-Signatures are not supported via SAML
B. Basic Authentication headers continue to be supported
C. Security for Cognos reporting is properly enabled
D. Requires two-factor authentication


Which three entities can you connect a Maximo Asset Performance Management (APM) Mitigating Action?

A. Work Order
B. Item
C. Routes D D. Asset
D. Preventive Maintenance (PM)
E. Job Plan


Which statement is true regarding uncertainty data for calibrations performed in Maximo for Life Sciences?

A. Maximo for Life Sciences performs the uncertainty calculations and records the information in the job plan.
B. Maximo for Life Sciences performs the uncertainty calculations, however the data is non-persistent and not recorded in Maximo.
C. Maximo for Life Sciences does not provide for the recording of uncertainty data.
D. Third party software is typically used for performing the uncertainty calculations, which are uploaded into Maximo for Life Sciences via batch process or integration.

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