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C1000-065 Dumps Update | Real IBM C1000-065 Exam Questions

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New and updated C1000-065 exam dumps free questions


A dashboard developer notices that Age is available in the sourced data module. A request has been made to \\’bucket\\’ those age values into 5 groups, Ages 0-6, 7-12, 13-21, 22-55, and 55 and over. How would one define this logic in the source data module?

A. set range values in the data module
B. use the Create new table feature
C. select the Age column, and select Create data group
D. define a Case..When calculated attribute in the dashboard


A developer may improve the look and feel of a dashboard or story by adding images and shapes from the Widgets panel. Which statement is true when adding widgets to a dashboard?

A. The widgets panel may contain an Image library tab that the administrator made available
B. Images may only be made available by URL reference.
C. Images can be uploaded to the Image through the upload option on the widgets panel.
D. Text widgets may only be positioned vertically or horizontally.


In which two ways can a specific visualization in a dashboard be filtered?

A. A developer can only keep or exclude data points within an axis.
B. A developer can create a Calculation within the dashboard that will filter a specific visualization.
C. A developer can also add a local filter to filter a column or to define a filter condition.
D. A developer can build an embedded filter in a data module.
E. A developer can keep or exclude a few data points in the visualization.


What is the significance of \\’Clothes\\’ in the following filter expression of a report query? [Product Group] = # sq( prompt( \\’productgroups\\’, \\’token\\’, \\’Clothes\\’ ) )#

A. \\’Clothes\\’ is the default text to include in the generated query at runtime.
B. The string \\’Clothes\\’ will precede the text of the prompt value selected at runtime.
C. The string \\’Clothes\\’ will be appended to the end of the text of the prompt value selected at runtime.
D. \\’Clothes\\’ is a required value to include in the generated query at runtime.


In an Exploration \\’Data relationships\\’ view, what does the thickness of the lines between data items represent?

A. the statistical strength of the relationship between the data items
B. the flow of information between categories, ie. money transfers between countries
C. the cardinality of one data item when grouped by another, ie. thicker signifies more unique values
D. the weighted average of each measure value compared with other measures


Which two statements are true when creating navigation paths?

A. A data module can have multiple navigation paths.
B. A modeler must delete the navigation path and re-create it to change the path.
C. Columns from different tables cannot be added to a navigation path.
D. A navigation path is a collection of Group Data columns.
E. A navigation path is a collection of non-measure columns.


Which of the following can result in poor report performance?

A. reports with filters
B. models with outer joins and cross joins
C. queries with database only processing
D. an optimized metadata model


To create a Layout Component Reference in a report, which object property needs to be provided?

A. Conditional Reference
B. Label
C. Name
D. Render Variable


What technique could be used to investigate report performance?

A. Increase the size limit for the user session.
B. Review the system metrics.
C. Enable the interactive performance assistant
D. Enable legacy user interface.


A developer has nested two non-measures in a Column visualization in a dashboard. How would the developer manually order the columns to get the column order to show properly?

A. Use automatic sorting.
B. Uncheck sort automatically, and drag the columns to the correct order.
C. Select Sort remaining items by Auto.
D. Use custom sorting.


Which of the following is an example of when the query cache would avoid roundtrips to the database?

A. repetitive master-detail requests
B. drill through reports
C. reports with multiple queries
D. drill down reports


What property needs to be set to ensure that any JavaScript and Prompt APIs are executed when a report is run as HTML?
A. Ensure Enable bidirectional support is checked
B. Run with full interactivity is set to No
C. Enable drill up and drill down in the report output
D. Guided report layout is checked


After upgrading from Cognos version 10 what needs to be selected in order to create a data module on a data server?

A. Select “Allow web-based modeling” in Cognos Configuration when starting the server
B. Select “Allow web-based modeling” in the Cognos installer when upgrading the server components.
C. Under the Data Server Connection in the Administration Console configuration select “Allow Framework Manager”.
D. Under the Data Source Connection in the Administration Console configuration select “Allow web- based modeling”.


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