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[2021.4] Free online test of the latest IBM C1000-083 exam practice questions

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Latest IBM C1000-083 exam exercise questions 1-13 online

Which IBM Cloud offering brings IBM zLinux capabilities into the cloud?
A. VMware vCenter Server
B. Bare Metal Server
C. Hyper Protect Virtual Server
D. Power Systems Virtual Server
Correct Answer: C

What is a key feature of Virtual Private Cloud?
A. It is deployed on-premises for increased security
B. Applications are automatically deployed across three zones
C. To run an isolated environment within the public cloud
D. Network traffic between VSIs on the private network is charged for
Correct Answer: C

What is one reason to choose a Single Cloud Environment over a Multicloud Environment?
A. The shared security responsibilities between the Cloud provider and the Cloud consumer is easier to define in a
Single Cloud Environment
B. Vendor lock-in policies are negotiable
C. A Single Cloud Environment is always more cost effective in comparison to Multicloud
D. The risk of vendor lock in is reduced with a Single Cloud Environment
Correct Answer: C

Which statement describes the IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management?
A. It helps deploy on your choice of clouds, with low-code tools for business users and real-time performance visibility
for business managers. Customers can migrate their runtimes without application changes or data migration, and
automate at scale without vendor lock-in.
B. It helps to provide consistent visibility, automation, and governance across a range of hybrid and multi cloud
capabilities such as event management, infrastructure management, application management, multi-cluster
management, edge management and integration with existing tools and processes.
C. It helps to unify and simplify the collection, organization and analysis of information. Enterprises can turn data into
insights through an integrated cloud-native architecture. It is extensible, easily customized to unique client information
and AI landscapes through an integrated catalog of IBM, open source and third-party microservices add-ons.
D. It helps support the speed, flexibility, security and scale required for all of your digital integration transformation
initiatives, and comes pre-integrated with a set of capabilities including API lifecycle, application and data integration,
messaging and events, high speed transfer and security.
Correct Answer: B

Which VPC component would have a Front End Listener and Back End Pool?
A. A Floating IP
B. An Access Control List
C. A Public Gateway
D. A Load Balancer
Correct Answer: D

What can be a subject of the IBM Cloud Identity and Access Management policy?
A. Resource Group
B. Service
C. Service Roles
D. Service ID
Correct Answer: D

Which IBM Garage Method for Cloud practice leverages Enterprise Design Thinking?
A. Envision
B. Culture
C. Learn
D. Reason
Correct Answer: B

An organization is building a cloud native application and wants to use the highest level of cryptographic security
available. Which IBM Cloud service can the organization use for key management?
A. Cloud HSM
B. Hyper Protect Certificate Manager
C. Key Protect
D. Hyper Protect Crypto Services
Correct Answer: D

When using OpenShift, what is a pre-requisite for converting a single zone cluster into a multi-zone cluster?
A. The cluster must be set up in one of the supported multi-zone locations
B. The cluster must be running on either Virtual Shared or Virtual Dedicated server nodes
C. The cluster configuration must be backed up into an Object Storage bucket in the same zone
D. The cluster must not have any pods active when converted
Correct Answer: A

What are the four storage class tiers offered by IBM Cloud Object Storage?
A. Dynamic, Encrypted, Fixed, Hard Coded
B. Dynamic, Vault, Fixed, Configured
C. Standard, Encrypted, Dynamic, Configured
D. Standard, Vault, Cold Vault, Flex
Correct Answer: D

Which service provides control of the least resources on the cloud?
A. PaaS
B. SaaS
C. BMaaS
D. VMs
Correct Answer: B

Which statement is true about a Hybrid Cloud?
A. It is a deployment model that requires the largest capital expense to deploy and to scale
B. It is a platform for applications and infrastructure that is built on two or more components from public cloud, private
cloud and on-premises IT
C. It is a platform for applications and infrastructure for system-z that is built on two or more components from only
public and private cloud
D. It is a collection of cloud resources made up of IaaS and PaaS from a single provider\\’s public cloud
Correct Answer: B

What open-source system monitoring and alerting toolkit can be used in IBM Cloud Foundry Enterprise Environment?
A. Kubernetes
B. Sysdig
C. Prometheus
D. Nagios
Correct Answer: C

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