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IBM C1000-093 Dumps Updated [Free two Materials] Valid For Success

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First of all the purpose of this blog post is to help you pass the C1000-093 exam effectively! In preparation for the IBM Cloud Pak for Integration v2020.1 Solution Architect (C1000-093) exam, candidates can select the C1000-093 dumps as the correct preparation material to make the C1000-093 exam preparation valid. Pass4itSure has updated the C1000-093 dumps to provide useful C1000-093 dumps questions as well as C1000-093 pdf files and software to help you successfully pass the exam.

Free IBM C1000-093 exam practice material collection C1000-093 dumps to share with you. Here are two updated materials for you to learn. Let’s verify the validity of pass4itSure dumps.

Free C1000-093 Dumps With Practice Test Here:

1. What is the minimum requirement for an HA deployment of the Cloud Pak for Integration Platform Navigator?

A. 3 cores across 3 worker nodes
B. cores across 2 worker nodes
C. 1.5 cores across 3 worker nodes
D. 1 core across 2 worker nodes

Correct Answer: C

2. What is the key benefit of moving away from a centralized ESB pattern to Agile Integration?

A. Faster rollout of integrations, enhanced scalability, and resilience
B. Rapid creation of integrations using a no-code approach
C. API-led integration enabling agility and innovation
D. Multi-cloud deployment of integration artifacts

Correct Answer: B

3. Which situation would lead to the loss of an etcd quorum in an OpenShift v4 cluster?

A. The database used by all Cloud Pak for Integration components is corrupted
B. OpenShift has lost all worker nodes
C. The majority of master/control plane hosts are lost
D. One of the master nodes has gone offline

Correct Answer: A

4. Which is an IBM Cloud Pak solution advantage?

A. Full software stack support, ongoing security, compliance, and version compatibility
B. Continuous Delivery and Continuous Integration (CD/CI) tools
C. Dedicated support team for application migration to IBM Cloud
D. OpenStack integration out of the box

Correct Answer: B

5. Which active-standby pair of queue managers use a shared networked file system?

A. Double resilient queue manager
B. Replicated data queue manager
C. Integrated HA queue manager
D. Multi-instance queue manager

Correct Answer: D

6. An architect needs an agnostic provider of persistent storage for their OpenShift Container Platform, that supports file, block, and object storage, either in-house or in hybrid clouds, Which provider should the architect choose?

A. HostPath Storage
B. Red Hat OpenShift Container Storage
C. FlexVolume Drives
D. OpenStack Cinder

Correct Answer: A

7. What is the function of Kibana in the Cloud Pak For Integration logging service?

A. Collate, correlate, and interpret log data
B. Capture, collect, and forward log data
C. Index, search, and store log data
D. Query, discover, and visualize log data

Correct Answer: C

8. A new proxy API needs to be created, security added, and published to the Sandbox catalog. Which is the correct sequence of steps that should be taken to perform these tasks?’
9. What is the minimum number of CPU cores that are required to install the Cloud Pak for Integration Common Services?

A. 16 cores
B. 2 cores
C. 4 cores
D. 8 cores

Correct Answer: C

10. Which mechanism is available in IBM Event Streams to help with disaster recovery by replicating topic configuration, messages of a topic, and metadata from an origin cluster to a destination cluster?

A. Geo-configuration
B. Geo-datasync
C. Geo-recovery
D. Geo-replication

Correct Answer: D

11. What are two characteristics of storage classes that are required for API management capability deployment?

A. Any storage must be of type File System
B. Depending on the use-case both block and file system storage classes are supported
C. Only block storage classes are supported
D. Block storage for distributed and file system storage for localized
E. Requires an access mode of Read-Write-Many

Correct Answer: BE

12. An integration architect has the following requirements:
1. Enable applications and services to communicate reliably without calling each other directly
2. Introduce process independence into the application architecture
3. Improve fault tolerance and reliability throughout the system.
Which modern integration pattern should the Architect choose?

A. API integration
B. Event driven publish/subscribe
C. Application data integration
D. High speed file transfers

Correct Answer: D

13. Which format is used to export metering reports from Cloud Pak for Integration?


Correct Answer: B

IBM C1000-093 PDF [2022]

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