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IBM Specialist [S1000-002] Exam Dumps / Questions

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Which command is used on Cloud Pak for Data System to reset a password policy to the system’s initial values?

A. ap config reset-pwpolicy
B. ap setup reset-pwpolicy
C. ap_external_ldap reset-pwpolicy
D. apusermgmt reset-pwpolicy


Which node personality should be used before scaling up a Cloud Pak for a Data System environment?

A. default
B. unset
C. undefined
D. none


What will the administrator see when running the ap issues -c command?

A. list of every issue on the system
B. a list of closed issues
C. list of open issues at the time
D. a list of issues arranged by component name


Which node personality type can host any service, container, or pod as designated by Cloud Pak for Data System?

A. unset
B. labeled
C. control
D. universal


Which tool is used to apply STIG hardening to Cloud Pak for Data System?

A. Manually change the recommended files by STIG guidelines.
B. Use the web console and configure Home->Admin->STIG.
C. Use security_stig_manager with –applyAll.
D. Use security_comliance_manager.


Which two options are available to backup data on Cloud Pak for Data System? (Choose two.)

A. to IBM Spectrum Scale
B. to local disk
C. to media tapes
D. to Portworx storage
E. to NFS storage


A user reports that the web console for IBM Cloud Pak for Data (ICP4D) is not responding. Based on the report below

what is the first step should the IBM Cloud Pak for Data System administrator take to address the problem?

A. Delete the pod: on delete pod ICP4D
B. Restart the platform application ICP4D: ap restart ICP4D
C. Enable the ICP4D application: ap apps enable ICP4D
D. Resume the ICP4D application: ap apps resume ICP4D


The Cloud Pak for Data System web console displays the storage details. How much total storage is available for the worker nodes?

A. 64,000 GB
B. 30,720 GB
C. 26,624 GB
D. 128,000 GB


Which two symptoms are available for data collection using the adding command in Cloud Pak for Data System? (Choose two.)

A. docker_issue
B. hang_issue
C. platformmanager_issue
D. crash_issue
E. thinpool_issue


Which command is used to determine the log file associated with a particular issue in Cloud Pak for Data System?

A. Run the journalctl command.
B. Run the command of the ap issues.
C. Run the adding command.
D. Run the OC inspect command.


Which command will manually close an alert with id 1234?

A. ap issues -d 1234
B. ap –close 1234
C. ap issues –close 1234
D. ap –close alert 1234


Which two methods can be used to obtain the software inventory and monitor software components’ status in Cloud Pak for Data System? (Choose two.)

A. Query the systemd journal: journalctl
B. Command line: aps wd
C. Service manager status: systemctl status icp4d
D. Audit log: apsyslog
E. Web Console: Software overview page

Correct answer:

1. D, 2. A, 3. B, 4. D, 5. C, 6. CD, 7. C, 8. B, 9. AD, 10, D, 11, A, 12. CD

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