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[Jan.-2018-New] High Quality Cisco 100-105 Dumps ICND1 Exam Actual Test With The Youtube Knowledge And Skills

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Has anyone recently appeared for the Cisco 100-105 dumps and cleared it? The Cisco Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices Part 1 (ICND1 v3.0) (100-105 ICND1) exam is a 90 Minutes (45-55 questions) assessment in pass4itsure that is associated with the CCENT, CCNA Routing & Switching, CCDA, CCNA Security, CCNA Wireless certification. High quality Cisco 100-105 dumps ICND1 exam actual test with the Youtube knowledge and skills. “Cisco Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices Part 1 (ICND1 v3.0)” is the exam name of Pass4itsure Cisco 100-105 dumps test which designed to help candidates prepare for and pass the Cisco 100-105 exam. With the help of the practice test software,the candidate can check their exam preparation progress and can improve their Cisco Certified Network Associative Routing & Switching certification exam. Pass4itsure want good results for all candidates on the first attempt but if you fail to pass you can always contact us.

[Jan.-2018-New Cisco 100-105 Dumps From Google Drive]:

[Jan.-2018-New Cisco 200-105 Dumps From Google Drive]:
100-105 dumps
2018 Cisco 100-105 Dumps (All 332 Q&As) From Pass4itsure:
What two things does a router do when it forwards a packet? (Choose two.)
A. switches the packet to the appropriate outgoing interfaces
B. computes the destination host address
C. determines the next hop on the path
D. updates the destination IP address
E. forwards ARP requests
100-105 exam Correct Answer: AC
A primary function of a router is to forward packets toward their destination. This is accomplished by using a switching function, which is the process used by a router to accept a packet on one in

What command sequence will configure a router to run OSPF and add network /24 to area 0?
A. router ospf area 0 network area 0
B. router ospf network
C. router ospf 1 network area 0
D. router ospf area 0 network area 0
E. router ospf network area 0
F. router ospf 1 network
Correct Answer: C
3.router ospfprocess-id
The network administrator is using a Windows PC application that is called putty.exe for remote communication to a switch for network troubleshooting. Which two protocols could be used during this communication? (Choose two.)
C. Telnet
100-105 dumps Correct Answer: CE
PuTTY is a free implementation of Telnet and SSH for Windows and Unix platforms, and is used to connect to Cisco and other networking devices using SSH or Telnet.

Which three statements are true about the operation of a full-duplex Ethernet network? (Choose three.)
A. There are no collisions in full-duplex mode.
B. A dedicated switch port is required for each full-duplex node.
C. Ethernet hub ports are preconfigured for full-duplex mode.
D. In a full-duplex environment, the host network card must check for the availability of the network media before transmitting.
E. The host network card and the switch port must be capable of operating in full duplex mode.
Correct Answer: ABE
Half-duplex Ethernet is defined in the original 802.3 Ethernet and Cisco says you only use one wire pair with a digital signal running in both directions on the wire. It also uses the CSMA/CD prot
Refer to the exhibit.
100-105 dumps
An administrator replaced the 10/100 Mb NIC in a desktop PC with a 1 Gb NIC and now the PC will not connect to the network. The administrator began troubleshooting on the switch. Using the switch output shown, what is the cause of the problem?
A. Speed is set to 100Mb/s.
B. Input flow control is off.
C. Encapsulation is set to ARPA.
D. The port is administratively down.
E. The counters have never been cleared.

100-105 pdf Correct Answer: A
For PC to switch connectivity, the speed settings must match. In this case, the 1 Gb NIC will not be able to communicate with a 100Mb fast Ethernet interface, unless the 1Gb NIC can be configured to
Identify the four valid IPv6 addresses. (Choose four.)
A. ::
B. ::192:168:0:1
C. 2000::
D. 2001:3452:4952:2837::
E. 2002:c0a8:101::42
F. 2003:dead:beef:4dad:23:46:bb:101
Correct Answer: ABEF
100-105 dumps
What is the purpose of flow control?
A. To ensure data is retransmitted if an acknowledgement is not received.
B. To reassemble segments in the correct order at the destination device.
C. To provide a means for the receiver to govern the amount of data sent by the sender.
D. To regulate the size of each segment.
100-105 vce Correct Answer: C
Flow control is the management of data flow between computers or devices or between nodes in a network so that the data can be handled at an efficient pace. Too much data arriving before a device ca
Refer to the exhibit.
100-105 dumps
A network associate has configured OSPF with the command: City(config-router)# network area 0 After completing the configuration, the associate discovers that not all the interfaces are participating in OSPF. Which three of the interfaces shown in the exhibit will participate in OSPF according to this configuration statement? (Choose three.)
A. FastEthernet0 /0
B. FastEthernet0 /1
C. Serial0/0
D. Serial0/1.102
E. Serial0/1.103

F. Serial0/1.104
Correct Answer: BCD
The andquot;network equals to network This network has: + Increment: 64 (/26= 1111 1111.1111 1111.1111 1111.1100 0000) + Network address: 192
Which address type does a switch use to make selective forwarding decisions?
A. Source IP address
B. Destination IP address
C. Source and destination IP address
D. Source MAC address
E. Destination MAC address
100-105 exam Correct Answer: E
Switches analyze the destination MAC to make its forwarding decision since it is a layer 2 device. Routers use the destination IP address to make forwarding decisions.
Which two VLANs are reserved for system use only? (Choose two)
A. 1
B. 4095
C. 4096
D. 0
E. 1001
Correct Answer: BD
The VLANs 0 and 4095 are reserved by the IEEE 802.1Q standard and you cannot create, delete, or modify them so they are the correct answers.

SW-C has just been added to the network shown in the graphic 100-105 dumps
What is the purpose of assigning a default gateway to this switch?
A. allows connectivity to Router B from the switch prompt
B. allows console port connectivity to the switch from Host A
C. allows connectivity to remote network devices from Host B
D. allows the switch to pass traffic between Host A and Host B
100-105 dumps Correct Answer: A
100-105 dumps
100-105 dumps
QUESTION 25 What is the bandwidth on the WAN interface of Router 1?
A. 16 Kbit/sec
B. 32 Kbit/sec
C. 64 Kbit/sec

D. 128 Kbit/sec
E. 512 Kbit/sec
F. 1544 Kbit/sec
Correct Answer: A
Use the andquot;show interface s0/0andquot; to see the bandwidth set at 16 Kbit/sec. The show interface s0/0
QUESTION 26. More sophisticated IDSs look for common shellcode signatures. But even these systems can be bypassed, by using polymorphic shellcode. This is a technique common among virus writers ?it basically hides the true nature of the shellcode in different disguises. How does a polymorphic shellcode work?
A. They encrypt the shellcode by XORing values over the shellcode, using loader code to decrypt the shellcode, and then executing the decrypted shellcode
B. They convert the shellcode into Unicode, using loader to convert back to machine code then executing them
C. They reverse the working instructions into opposite order by masking the IDS signatures
D. They compress shellcode into normal instructions, uncompress the shellcode using loader code and then executing the shellcode
Answer: A
QUESTION 27 SYN Flood is a DOS attack in which an attacker deliberately violates the three-way handshake and opens a large number of half-open TCP connections. The signature of attack for SYN Flood contains:

A. The source and destination address having the same value
B. A large number of SYN packets appearing on a network without the corresponding
reply packets
C. The source and destination port numbers having the same value
D. A large number of SYN packets appearing on a network with the corresponding reply packets
100-105 pdf 
Answer: B
QUESTION 28 Which of the following type of scanning utilizes automated process of proactively identifying vulnerabilities of the computing systems present on a network?
A. Port Scanning
B. Single Scanning

C. External Scanning
D. Vulnerability Scanning
Answer: D
QUESTION 29 The following script shows a simple SQL injection. The script builds an SQL query by concatenating hard-coded strings together with a string entered by the user: The user is prompted to enter the name of a city on a Web form. If she enters Chicago, the query assembled by the script looks similar to the following: SELECT * FROM OrdersTable WHERE ShipCity = ‘Chicago’ How will you delete the OrdersTable from the database using SQL Injection?
A. Chicago’; drop table OrdersTable –

B. Delete table’blah’; OrdersTable –
C. EXEC; SELECT * OrdersTable > DROP –
D. cmdshell’; ‘del c:\sql\mydb\OrdersTable’ //
100-105 vce 
Answer: A
QUESTION 30 What are the limitations of Vulnerability scanners? (Select 2 answers)
A. There are often better at detecting well-known vulnerabilities than more esoteric ones
B. The scanning speed of their scanners are extremely high
C. It is impossible for any, one scanning product to incorporate all known vulnerabilities in a timely manner
D. The more vulnerabilities detected, the more tests required
E. They are highly expensive and require per host scan license
Answer: A,C
QUESTION 31 Stephanie works as senior security analyst for a manufacturing company in Detroit. Stephanie manages network security throughout the organization. Her colleague Jason told her in confidence that he was able to see confidential corporate information posted on the external website. He tries random URLs on the company’s website and finds confidential information leaked over the web. Jason says this happened about a month ago. Stephanie visits the said URLs, but she finds nothing. She is very concerned about this, since someone should be held accountable if there was sensitive information posted on the website. Where can Stephanie go to see past versions and pages of a website?
A. She should go to the web page to see web pages that might no longer be on the website
B. If Stephanie navigates to; she will see old versions of the company website
C. Stephanie can go to to see past versions of the company website
D. would have any web pages that are no longer hosted on the company’s website
100-105 exam 
Answer: C
QUESTION 32 Dan is conducting penetration testing and has found a vulnerability in a Web Application which gave him the sessionID token via a cross site scripting vulnerability. Dan wants to replay this token. However,
  the session ID manager (on the server) checks the originating IP address as well. Dan decides to spoof his IP address in order to replay the sessionID. Why do you think Dan might not be able to get an interactive session?
A. Dan cannot spoof his IP address over TCP network
B. The scenario is incorrect as Dan can spoof his IP and get responses
C. The server will send replies back to the spoofed IP address
D. Dan can establish an interactive session only if he uses a NAT
Answer: C
QUESTION 33 Jason works in the sales and marketing department for a very large advertising agency located in Atlanta. Jason is working on a very important marketing campaign for his company’s largest client. Before the project could be completed and implemented, a competing advertising company comes out with the exact same marketing materials and advertising, thus rendering all the work done for Jason’s client
unusable. Jason is questioned about this and says he has no idea how all the material ended up in the hands of a competitor. Without any proof, Jason’s company cannot do anything except move on. After working on another high profile client for about a month, all the marketing and sales material again ends up in the hands of another competitor and is released to the public before Jason’s company can finish the project. Once again, Jason says that he had nothing to do with it and does not know how this could have happened. Jason is given leave with pay until they can figure out what is going on. Jason’s supervisor decides to go through his email and finds a number of emails that were sent to the competitors that ended up with the marketing material. The only items in the emails were attached jpg files, but nothing else. Jason’s supervisor opens the picture files, but cannot find anything out of the ordinary with them. What technique has Jason most likely used?
A. Stealth Rootkit Technique
B. ADS Streams Technique
C. Snow Hiding Technique
D. Image Steganography Technique
100-105 dumps 
Answer: D
QUESTION 34 What type of Virus is shown here?
A. Cavity Virus
B. Macro Virus
C. Boot Sector Virus
D. Metamorphic Virus
E. Sparse Infector Virus

Answer: E
100-105 dumps

“Cisco Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices Part 1 (ICND1 v3.0)”, also known as 100-105 exam, is a Cisco certification which covers all the knowledge points of the real Cisco exam. Pass4itsure Cisco 100-105 dumps exam questions answers are updated (332 Q&As) are verified by experts. The associated certifications of 100-105 dumps is CCENT, CCNA Routing & Switching, CCDA, CCNA Security, CCNA Wireless. It allows the candidate to determine their strength and area of practice.Pass4itsure will always accompany you during your Cisco Certified Network Associative Routing & Switching dumps ICND1 exam preparations for the event so if any problem professional puzzle you simply contact our Cisco experts anytime.

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