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McAfee’s Cloud Services to Provide Better Network Data Security and The Prediction of 2018 Network Blackmail Software Threats

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Technology companies closed their cloud-focused acquisitions in 2017, showing that the industry trend is not slowing. Vmware,mcafee and trend technology have announced plans to acquire cloud business over the past one months. Vmware,mcafee and Trend Technology announced a series of acquisitions, showing a strong focus on cloud security. Earlier this month, VMware completed a takeover of Velocloud NX. It plans to add Velocloud software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) tools to its product lineup to help users run, manage, connect, and protect applications in the cloud.

McAfee News

Cloud security has historically been a funeral or a hindrance to cloud adoption. In fact, this year, again and again, it has been shown that failure to take the right protection measures risks the risk of cloud computing, as evidenced by a series of AWS data leaks that affect major organizations, including Tigerswan,dow Jones and the most recent Alteryx.

Less than eight months after Intel’s Break-up, McAfee purchased the cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) provider Skyhigh NX. Christopher Young, McAfee chief executive, said in a message that this was “the ideal complement” for McAfee’s future strategy Christopher Yang. Skyhigh will “accelerate” McAfee’s strategy. He referred to the terminal and cloud “architectural control points” as threats to data, applications, and infrastructure.

McAfee News

At about the same time, McAfee acquired Skyhigh,trend Micro acquired Immunio. The company explained that its goal is to expand its hybrid cloud security tool, combining the purchase of features and in-house development. McAfee launched a data exchange layer (DXL) OPENDXL last year, designed to enable security devices from different vendors to communicate with each other. This year, they demonstrated the integration of OPENDXL and Cisco Pxgrid, which enabled two of companies to communicate with each other. Trend Technology will acquire Immunio application security technology and talent. Network security devices are expected to continue to grow in the near future. In the end, their separation from Intel drives McAfee forward. The great thing about being an independent company is that we can 100% focus on cyber security and defense.

The security Operations team needs automation and coordination to address more threats with fewer resources, Patel continued. CASB space is maturing: by 2020, 85% of large companies will use CASB products, he said, citing Gartner data. McAfee’s ultimate goal is to enhance endpoint and cloud security, and think Skyhigh will drive the process. More and more people are coming and going in our equipment environment, and more and more services are carried out outside the cloud enterprise. After the transaction is completed, the Skyhigh brand will remain in the market. Given its good reputation for cloud security, McAfee will consider the opportunity to endorse it.

McAfee News

The evolution of the 2017 blackmail software will remind us that attackers can innovate greatly, adapt to the successful efforts of defenders, and threaten to reinvent themselves. “We have to realize that while technology such as machine learning, deep learning and artificial intelligence will be the cornerstone of future cyber defenses, our opponents are trying to implement and innovate around them.”

1. A “arms race” against machine learning will be formed between defenders and attackers.
2. Extortion software will shift from traditional blackmail to new targets, technologies and goals.
3. Server-less applications will save time and reduce costs, but will also increase the attack surface of the organizations that implement them.
4. Interconnected home equipment manufacturers and service providers will seek to overcome the thin profit margins by collecting more personal data-whether or not we agree-to turn the family into a business store.
5. Companies that collect children’s digital content will pose a long-term reputational risk.

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As organizations move towards cloud computing, more modern application delivery methods-often the “DevOps” term-are traditional security methods, such as tying them together at the end of development, or trying to create a strong boundary. Users migrate from the desktop to Office 365 in the cloud and think that the focus now has to be shifted to the terminal. The network is not only under threat, but also beyond the boundaries of the organization, and the necessary increase in the use of encryption also means that they become opaque. Mmunio is integrated with application code to analyze its behavior and other ways to resist threats, he added. The goal of trend science and technology is to build a platform that can integrate with DevOps culture. It focuses on automating customer applications, building its deep security platform, and strengthening in-house research and development to focus on container image scanning.

McAfee News

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