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Latest HP HPE6-A67 exam exercise questions 1-13 online

A guest user connects to an Open Guest SSID on a wireless network and is redirected to a web login page on
How is the authentication performed?
A. The controller will capture the credentials as they are passed to ClearPass by the Web Login page.
B. ClearPass instructs the wireless controller to fetch the credentials from the Web Login Page.
C. The User submits the credentials, and ClearPass instructs the browser to post the credentials to the wireless
D. When the user submits the credentials, ClearPass will capture the credentials and post them to the wireless
Correct Answer: A

What must be configured when a network administrator wants to configure RADIUS authentication with a network
access device (NAD)? (Choose two.)
A. The NAD and ClearPass must be configured for NTP time synchronization.
B. The NAD must be configured for RADIUS accouning.
C. The ClearPass EAP/RADIUS server certificate must be installed on the NAD.
D. ClearPass and the NAD must have the same shared secret.
E. The NAD must be configured as a known network device in ClearPass.
Correct Answer: CD
Reference: https://community.arubanetworks.com/t5/Security/ArubaOS-Admin-Authentication-with-Microsoft-NPS/tdp/433832

Refer to the exhibit.

hpe6-a67 exam questions-q3

Based on the self-registration customization, which statements are true? (Choose two.)
A. The client\\’s browser will submit the credentials in plain text to the controllers.
B. The user will automatically be logged in when they submit the self-registration form.
C. The HTTPS certificate on ClearPass has been changed to a wildcard certificate.
D. The client\\’s browser will submit the credentials encrypted but over HTTP.
E. The user will have to press the login button to submit the credentials to the controller.
Correct Answer: AB

What is the function of the primary and backup servers when configuring an authentication source in ClearPass?
A. The primary server and backup servers can be configured for round-robin.
B. The primary server can be from one Active Directory domain; the backup server can be from another.
C. The primary server is always authenticated first, then the backup is used if authentication fails.
D. The primary server is always authenticated first, then the backup is used if that times out.
Correct Answer: D
Reference: https://community.arubanetworks.com/t5/Security/CPPM-amp-AD-Questions-Re-Auth/td-p/74888

In Guest authentication without MAC caching, which statements are true? (Choose two.)
A. When the client disconnects from the network, the user will NOT be asked to login when the client reconnects.
B. The endpoint can be mapped to the correct Guest account for auditing.
C. When the guest logs in, the system will remember the client as a guest for the next login.
D. When the client disconnects from the network, the user will be asked to login when the client reconnects.
E. When the User logs into the Guest network, the endpoint will be marked as status = “known”
Correct Answer: CE

What are two ways that devices can download the Onboard provisioning profile and credentials from ClearPass?
(Choose two.)
A. from the Android market
B. Over-the-Air API
C. download from iTunes
D. Bonjour
Correct Answer: BD

When a NAD sends an authentication request to ClearPass for a Guest Web Login with Username and Password,
which methods can it use? 
Correct Answer: B

ClearPass Onboard can be configured for which three types of security? (Choose three.)
E. Personal PSK
Correct Answer: BCD
Reference: https://community.arubanetworks.com/t5/Wireless-Access/One-SSID-for-multiple-authentication-types/tdp/251344

Which enforcement actions are used in ClearPass to bounce a client? (Choose two.)
A. Filter-ID Based
B. Agent Enforcement
C. VLAN Enforcement
E. Session Notification
Correct Answer: AB

Which items would ClearPass be useful for? (Choose three.)
A. Unified wired and wireless access control
B. Access control on transient networks
C. Administrative access control
D. User device management
E. Firewall configuration management
Correct Answer: ACD
Reference: https://h20195.www2.hpe.com/v2/GetPDF.aspx/4AA6-2768ENW.pdf

Refer to the exhibit.

hpe6-a67 exam questions-q11

What needs to be configured for ClearPass to enforce a bandwidth limit on the Guest Network? (Choose two.)
A. Enable Active Sessions in ClearPass Guest
B. Configure Interim Accounting on the Network Access Device
C. Make sure that Endpoint Profiling is configured
D. Enable Logging of Accounting Interim-Update packets
E. Configure a ClearPass server for Insight Master
Correct Answer: CD

In ClearPass guest, which statement is true? (Choose three.)
A. All guest accounts will be assigned a role of Guest and that cannot be changed.
B. The Create Guest Account form is fully configurable and fields can be edited.
C. Account Expiration date and time cannot be edited by the administrator.
D. A guest User is automatically disconnected from the network when their account expires.
E. A guest user will be denied access to the network after their account expires but is not disconnected.
F. A visitor location data field can be added to a guest registration form.
Correct Answer: ADF

Refer to the exhibit.

hpe6-a67 exam questions-q13

Which user authentication request will match the service rules of the Policy Service shown?
A. a wireless user connecting to an Aruba IAP on the SSID “CORP”
B. a wireless user connection would fail because of miss-configured service rules.
C. a wireless user connecting to any SSID on an Aruba Controller
D. a wireless user connected to any SSID named “CORP”
Correct Answer: A

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