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Latest IBM C2150-612 exam exercise questions 1-13 online

What is the main function of a Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA)?
A. A Proxy
B. A Switch
C. A Firewall
D. An Authentication device
Correct Answer: C

Events and Flows both have multiple different timestamps available to them. Which timestamp is available to both
events and flows?
A. End Time
B. Storage Time
C. First Activity Time
D. Last Activity Time
Correct Answer: B
Reference: https://developer.ibm.com/answers/questions/292620/why-do-i-see-different-time-stamps-for-qradar-even/

Which three things can be found under the Information menu when right-clicking an IP address? (Choose three.)
A. Asset Profile
B. DNS Lookup
C. Hide Offense
D. WHOIS Lookup
E. Annotation View
F. Username Lookup
Correct Answer: ABD
Reference: https://www.ibm.com/support/knowledgecenter/en/SS42VS_7.2.6/com.ibm.qradar.doc/c_qradar_ug_asset_rightclick.html

An event is happening regularly and frequently; each event indicates the same target username. There is a rule
configured to test for this event which has a rule action to create an offense indexed on the username. What will QRadar
do with the triggered rule assuming no offenses exist for the username and no offenses are closed during this time?
A. Each matching event will be tagged with the Rule name, but only one Offense will be created.
B. Each matching event will cause a new Offense to be created and will be tagged with the Rule name.
C. Events will be tagged with the rule name as long as the Rule Response limiter is satisfied. Only one offense will be
D. Each matching event will be tagged with the Rule name, and an Offense will be created if the event magnitude is
greater than 6.
Correct Answer: C

While on the Offense Summary page, a specific Category of Events associated with the Offense can be investigated.
Where should a Security Analyst click to view them?
A. Click on Events, then filter on Flows
B. Highlight the Category and click the Events icon
C. Scroll down to Categories and view Top 10 Source IPs
D. Right Click on Categories and choose Filter on Network Activity
Correct Answer: B
IBM Security QRadar SIEM Users Guide. Page: 42

What is the key difference between Rules and Building Blocks in QRadar?
A. Rules have Actions and Responses; Building Blocks do not.
B. The Response Limiter is available on Building Blocks but not on Rules.
C. Building Blocks are built-in to the product; Rules are customized for each deployment.
D. Building Blocks are Rules which are evaluated on both Flows and Events; Rules are evaluated on Offenses of Flows
or Events.
Correct Answer: A

Which QRadar component provides Layer 7 visibility within a physical network infrastructure?
A. QRadar Data Node
B. QRadar Flow Analyzer
C. QRadar Flow Collector
D. QRadar VFlow Collector
Correct Answer: D
Reference: https://www.robertrojek.pl/2017/11/09/qradar-appliances-types/

What is accessible from the Offenses Tab but is not used to present a sorted list of offenses?
A. Rules
B. Category
C. Source IP
D. Destination IP
Correct Answer: A

Which set of information is provided on the asset profile page on the assets tab in addition to ID?
A. Asset Name, MAC Address, Magnitude, Last user
B. IP Address, Asset Name, Vulnerabilities, Services
C. IP Address, Operating System, MAC Address, Services
D. Vulnerabilities, Operative System, Asset Name, Magnitude
Correct Answer: C

What is the effect of toggling the Global/Local option to Global in a Custom Rule?
A. It allows a rule to compare events and flows in real-time.
B. It allows a rule to analyze the geographic location of the event source.
C. It allows rules to be tracked by the central processor for detection by any Event Processor.
D. It allows a rule to inject new events back into the pipeline to affect and update other incoming events.
Correct Answer: C

Which file type is available for a report format?
D. PowerPoint
Correct Answer: C

Given the following window:

C2150-612 exam questions-q10

What are the steps to get this window within an offense?
A. Right click on the IP > Information > DNS Lookup
B. Right click on the IP > Information > Reverse DNS
C. Right click on the IP > Information > WHOIS Lookup
D. Right click on the IP > Information > Asset Profile
Correct Answer: A
Reference: http://www-01.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=swg21690480

What is the difference between TCP and UDP?
A. They use different port number ranges
B. UDP is connectionless, whereas TCP is connection based
C. TCP is connectionless, whereas UDP is connection based
D. TCP runs on the application layer and UDP uses the Transport layer
Correct Answer: B

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