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Latest HP HPE0-V14 exam exercise questions 1-13 online

A customer requires 12 Gb local storage for their VMware boot volumes, which require high- performance read cycles to
enable the operating system to boot quickly. Which drive type provides the most appropriate size and most costeffective way to meet this requirement?
A. Mixed-use SSD
B. Flash media drive
C. SATA nearline
D. SAS midline
Correct Answer: B

You need to update the firmware on an MSL2024 to version 26.43.51. Which HPE utility do you need to use?
A. OneView Standard
B. Smart Storage Administrator
C. Central Management Console
D. Library and Tape Tools
Correct Answer: D

Match the speed and protocol with the appropriate component.
Select and Place:

hpe0-v14 exam questions-q3

Correct Answer:

hpe0-v14 exam questions-q3-2

Reference: https://buy.hpe.com/us/en/options/transceivers/server-transceivers/hpe-sfp-transceivers/p/7263510 https://itg.buy.hpe.com/emea_europe/en/options/transceivers/server-transceivers/server-transceivers/hpeqsfp28-transceivers/p/1008789459

A customer is expanding from local storage to a SAN environment for the firt time. They plan to future proof their
environment with a 16 Gb Fibre Channel. They also want to allow for future I/O expansion with new servers. Identify the
correct server and storage to meet the customer requirements.
Select and Place:

hpe0-v14 exam questions-q4

Correct Answer:

hpe0-v14 exam questions-q4-2


A customer needs to increase the availability and bandwidth of network connectivity to their servers. Which switch
feature meets the customer\\’s needs?
A. Remote direct memory access over Converged Ethernet (RoCE)
B. Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN)
C. Jumbo frames
D. Link Aggregation and Control Protocol (LACP)
Correct Answer: D

You have configured a port on an HPE FlexFabric 5900 series switch that is connected to a VMware ESXi server to
support multiple VLANs.

hpe0-v14 exam questions-q6

Given the configuration above, what should happen to any of the untagged traffic coming from the VMware ESXi host?
A. The untagged traffic with be dropped.
B. The untagged traffic will be transmitted in vlan 2.
C. The untagged traffic will be transmitted in vlan 50.
D. The untagged traffic will be transmit.ted in vlan 1.
Correct Answer: C

A customer purchased a Nimble HF20 a year ago They are experiencing an issue with a few of their VMware servers in
the RTP Nimble date center and asked that you make a recommendation based on the data in infoSight.

hpe0-v14 exam questions-q7

What should you recommend\\’?
A. Add cache to the array for the RTP Nimble Datacenter.
B. increase the cache size for VMware-DS-Space-NoDeDup
C. increase the datastore size for VMware-DS-Space-NoDeDup.
D. Add another datastore for the RTP Nimble Datacenter
Correct Answer: D

Match each workload profile description with the corresponding profile. (Select all that apply.)
hpe0-v14 exam questions-q8


Refer to the exhibit.

hpe0-v14 exam questions-q9

An administrator connected a hypervisor to interface Ten-GigabitEthernet1/0/1 in a switch. The administrator created
virtual machines in VLAN 10 and 20 on the hypervisor. VLAN 10 is configured to be tagged, and VLAN 20 is configured
to be untagged on the hypervisor. The administrator found that all the virtual machines in VLAN 20 can communicate
with each other, but not with any virtual machines on VLAN 20 external to the hypervisor. Given the output in the exhibit,
customer needs a new environment to support an ERP system. The sizing information you received shows the
A. Permit VLAN 1 on the interface.
B. Configure the PVID of the interface to be VLAN 20.
C. Configure the interface as an access port.
D. Configure the interface as an IRF port.check
Correct Answer: B

You are installing a combined server and storage solution at a customer location. What must you keep in mind
regarding the typical requirements for the location? (Choose two.)
A. Room temperature must not exceed 35 C (95 F)
B. Rack tie kit should be installed on the rack for proper airflow
C. UPSs should be installed at the top of the rack for top mounted power feed
D. There must be at least a 10 cm (4 in) clearance space at the front and back of the components within the racks
E. Rack doors must be unlocked for easy component removal and maintenance
Correct Answer: AD

A customer has an ESXi server in a branch office They need to perform backups locally. The local backups must be
replicated to the main data center with built-in deduplication What should the customer install at the branch office?
A. StoreOnce 3100
B. StoreOnce VSA
C. MSA 2042
D. Storevirtual VSA
Correct Answer: D

A customer environment is being managed and monitored with HPE OneView. A review of the OneView log shows that
there have been several trap storm events. Which series of events must take place for OneView to insert a Trap Storm
event entry into the log of system events?
A. SNMP traps from three or more identical hosts have been logged within the past 256 seconds.
B. Four or more identical SNMP traps have been logged within the past 30 seconds.
C. Three or more SNMP trap messages have been logged with increasingly critical variable string values.
D. Four or more ports on the same network switch have reported sequential SNMP trap mesages
Correct Answer: B

A customer needs to provide inventory management, health monitoring, status alerting, and reporting for their ProLiant
servers. Which HPE management offering meets the customer\\’s needs?
A. OneView
B. Insight Remote Support
C. InfoSight
D. Insight Online
Correct Answer: A

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