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Aruba Certified Switching Professional (ACSP) V1 Exams Include:

HPE6-A45 :Implementing Aruba Campus Switching solutions
HPE6-A73 :Aruba Certified Switching Professional

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Latest HP HPE6-A73 exam exercise questions 1-13 online

An administrator is replacing the current access switches with AOS-CX switches. The access layer switches must
authenticate user and networking devices connecting to them. Some devices support no form of authentication, and
some support 802.1X. Some ports have a VoIP phone and a PC connected to the same port, where the PC is
connected to the data port of the phone and the phone\\’s LAN port is connected to the switch.
Which statement is correct about this situation?
A. 802.1X must be configured to work in fallback mode
B. Device fingerprinting is required for authentication
C. The client-limit setting for port access needs to be changed
D. Device mode should be implemented
Correct Answer: A

A network engineer is examining NAE graphs from the Dashboard but notices that the time shown in the graph does not
represent the current time. The engineer verifies that the AOS-CX switch is configured for NTP and is successfully
synchronized. What should be done to fix this issue?
A. Ensure the engineer\\’s web browser is configured for the same timezone as the AOS-CX switch
B. Ensure the engineer\\’s PC is synchronized to the same NTP server as the AOS-CX switch
C. Ensure NetEdit and the AOS-CX switch are synchronized to the same NTP server
D. Enable trust settings for the AOS-CX switch\\’s SSL certificate
Correct Answer: C

A network administrator is attempting to troubleshoot a connectivity issue between a group of users and a particular
server. The administrator needs to examine the packets over a period of time from their desktop; however, the
administrator is not directly connected to the AOS-CX switch involved with the traffic flow.
What is correct regarding the ERSPAN session that needs to be established on an AOS-CX switch? (Choose two.)
A. On the source AOS-CX switch, the destination specified is the switch to which the administrator\\’s desktop is
B. On the source AOS-CX switch, the destination specified is the administrator\\’s desktop
C. The encapsulation protocol used is GRE
D. The encapsulation protocol used is VXLAN
E. The encapsulation protocol is UDP
Correct Answer: BC

An administrator is concerned about the security of the control plane connection between an AOS-CX switch and an
Aruba Mobility Controller (MC) when implementing user-based tunneling. How should the administrator protect this
A. IPSec with a digital certificate
B. GRE with a pre-shared key
C. PAPI with an MD5 pre-shared key
D. IPSec with a pre-shared key
Correct Answer: C

A company has just purchased AOS-CX switches. The company has a free and open-source AAA solution. The
the company wants to implement access control on the Ethernet ports of the AOS-CX switches.
Which security features can the company implement given the equipment that they are using?
A. Port-based tunneling
B. Device fingerprinting
C. Local user roles
D. Downloadable user roles
Correct Answer: D

How should a network administrator add NAE scripts and implement NAE agents that will run on an AOSCX switch?
A. Use the web interface of the NetEdit server
B. Use the web interface of the AOS-CX switch
C. Use the web interface of Aruba Central
D. Use the CLI of the AOS-CX switch
Correct Answer: B

An administrator wants to leverage always-on PoE on AOS-CX switches. Which statement is correct regarding this
A. Provides up to 60W of power per port
B. Supports all AOS-CX switches
C. Provides surge protection for PoE and non-PoE ports
D. Requires NetEdit to implement
Correct Answer: A

Examine the configuration performed on newly deployed AOS-CX switches:

HPE6-A73 exam questions-q8

After performing this configuration, the administrator notices that the switch ports always remain in the EAP-start state.
What should the administrator do to fix this problem?
A. Define the server group cppm
B. Set the ports to client-mode
C. Create and assign a local user role to the ports
D. Enable change of authorization (CoA)
Correct Answer: D

A network administrator needs to replace an antiquated access layer solution with a modular solution involving AOS-CX
switches. The administrator wants to leverage virtual switching technologies. The solution needs to support highavailability with dual-control planes.
Which solution should the administrator implement?
A. AOS-CX 8325
B. AOS-CX 6300
C. AOS-CX 6400
D. AOS-CX 8400
Correct Answer: A

An AOS-CX switch is configured to implement downloadable user roles. Examine the AOS-CX switch output: Based on
this output, what is the state of the user\\’s access?

HPE6-A73 exam questions-q10

A. No downloadable user role exists
B. MAC authentication has passed, but 802.1X authentication is in progress
C. The RADIUS request timed out to the AAA server
D. The port should be configured for 802.1X
Correct Answer: D

Examine the attached diagram.

HPE6-A73 exam questions-q11

The two PCs are located in VLAN 11 ( Which example defines how to implement active gateway on the
VSX core for VLAN 11?
A. interface vlan 11 active-gateway ip active-gateway mac 02:02:00:00:01:00
B. interface lag 254 active-gateway vlan 11 ip active-gateway vlan 11 mac 02:02:00:00:01:00
C. interface lag 254 active-gateway ip active-gateway mac 02:02:00:00:01:00
D. vsx vrrp group 1
Correct Answer: A

An administrator is implementing a multicast solution in a multi-VLAN network. Which statement is true about the
configuration of the switches in the network?
A. IGMP snooping must be enabled on all interfaces on a switch to intelligently forward traffic
B. IGMP requires join and leave messages to graft and prune multicast streams between switches
C. IGMP must be enabled on all routed interfaces where multicast traffic will traverse
D. IGMP must be enabled on all interfaces where multicast sources and receivers are connected
Correct Answer: B

A network engineer is having a problem adding a custom-written script to an AOS-CX switch\\’s NAE GUI. The script
was written in Python and was successfully added on other AOS-CX switches. The engineer examines the following
items from the CLI of the switch:

HPE6-A73 exam questions-q13

What should the engineer perform to fix this issue?
A. Install the script\\’s signature before installing the new script
B. Ensure the engineer\\’s desktop and the AOS-CX switch are synchronized to the same NTP server
C. Enable trust settings for the AOS-CX switch\\’s SSL certificate
D. Remove a script that is no longer used before installing the new script
Correct Answer: D

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