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A customer has a large network, which includes a main site and many branch sites. The network has a total of about
10.000 wireless devices at the main site and 15,000 wireless devices total at branches. To fulfill the requirements for a
wireless network upgrade, the architect plans to propose;

2 7205 MCs at the main site
2 7210 MCs at the main site
10 7030 MCs at branch sites
200 RAPs at branch sites
500 CAPS at the main site
300 CAPS at branch sites

What is the most cost-effective Mobility Master solution that meets the requirements\\’?

A. MM-HW-5K appliance
B. MM-HW-5K appliance + MM-HW-5k appliance
C. MM-HW-1K appliance
D. MM-HW-1OK appliance

Correct Answer: B


A hospital needs an upgrade to 802.11ax for its wireless network, which needs to provide complete coverage The
hospital has a concrete exterior and uses drywalls for all of the interior walls with a few exceptions as mandated for
safety The building has 10fool (3 m) ceilings. The hospital prefers to avoid the deployment of APs in rooms if possible.
Exceptions include reception areas and lounges.

The wireless network must support wireless medical devices, voice communicators for the medical stars, laptops in nurse stations, medical staff tablets, and visitor and patient personal devices. All of these devices support both the 2.4GHz and5GHz band.

The exhibits below show one wing of one floor of the hospital. This wing is about 2S.Q0D square feet {2GQQ sq, m).
The unlabeled rooms along the bottom of the wing are patient rooms\’ other rooms such as lounges and the MR] room are labeled.

This area has:
up to SO concurrent patients and visitors, who might have up to two devices
about 200 medical and other types of wireless devices
The architect has already planned to place APs in stairwells on another floor.

Which AP plan for this wing of this floor meets the customer needs?

A. Option A
B. Option B
C. Option C
D. Option D

Correct Answer: A


Refer to the exhibit.

The exhibit shows the topology for a new Aruba solution. The MCs are in a cluster and support all of the wireless traffic
in the network The core switches route all traffic and support all VLANs. The access layer switches do NOT use
tunneled nodes. or dynamic segmentation.

The customer has indicated that it has these VLANS for user devices.

* VLAN 11 for Floor employee wired devices
* VLAN 12 for Floor 2 employee wired devices
* VLAN 13 tor Floor 3 employee wired devices
* VLAN 14 for Floor 4 employee wired devices
* VLAN 15 for Floor 5 employee wired devices
* VLAN 101 for all employee wireless devices
* VLAN 102 for all guest wireless devices

In which locations should the architect plan the VLANs?
A. VLANs 11-15 on one MC. VLANs 101 and 102 on the other MC. (Other VLANs will be used on the access layer
B. VLANs 11-15. 101. and 102 on both MCs. (Other VLANs will be used on the access layer switches.)
C. VLANs 11-15 on the access layer switches on the corresponding floor; VLAN 101 on one MC and VLAN 102 on me
other MC
D. VLANs 11-15 on the access layer switches on the corresponding floor; VLANs 101 and 102 on both MCS.

Correct Answer: C


A company already has an Aruba wireless network The network currently consists of:

* oneMM-HW-1k
* two 7210 MCs in the network core
* two 721GMCsintheDMZ
* 200 AP-515S in Building 1 and Building 5
100 AP-515S each In Building 2r Building 3, and Building 4

The customer now wants to assess if it needs local Mobility controllers (MC) for any buildings:

Building 1 is the main office building for the campus. It supports the highest number of APs. It connects to the network
core without an aggregation layer.

* Building 2 is further away from Building i. and no roaming is provided between it and the other buildings its access layer connects to the network cone with a pair of Aruba CX 6300M aggregation switches.

* Building 3 is further away from the other buildings, it connects to the network core without an aggregation layer.
The Guest SSID traffic should be tunneled to the DMZ controllers \’ Building 4 has its own local data center and Internet connection. The company would like it to be able to operate completely autonomously if its aggregation layer loses connectivity with the core.

* Building 5 is further away from the other buildings, it connects to the network core without an aggregation layer.

This building has been assigned to a partner that would like to manage a dedicated SS1D using the shared AP

In which two buildings should the network architect plan local mobility controllers (MCs)? (Select two)

A. Building 1
B. Building 4
C. Building 5
D. Building 3
E. Building 2

Correct Answer: AD


What is one piece of additional information architects should obtain from the customer before they design the wireless

A. the power requirements for the wireless loT devices and security cameras
B. the authentication and encryption capabilities for loT devices and security cameras
C. the distance between the locations where cameras will be installed and the wiring closet on each floor
D. the average number of users per loT device

Correct Answer: C


A customer has multiple medium and large branch sites, each of which requires between S and 16 APs and supports
between 200 and 600 wireless clients, Every branch site has an Internet connection, which it uses to reach the central
data center. The customer would prefer the WAN links to be optimized in the solution.

Different use cases require SSID\’s for tunneled traffic from remote sites to central locations, traffic that must remain
local on the remote site, and traffic that would need to egress out from remote site Internet connection.
Which branch office solution best meets the customer needs?

A. lAPs with Aruba central
B. RAPs and branch office controllers
C. IAPs with branch office controllers
D. CAPS and branch office controllers

Correct Answer: A


A hospital needs a Getter way to track its inventory Including wireless medical devices that are moved around the site a
lot. Which solution meets these needs?

A. Aruba asset tags and beacons
B. Aruba beacons. APS. and AirWave
C. Aruba beacons and Meridian
D. Aruba asset tags, APs; and Meridian

Correct Answer: C


Refer to the exhibit.

A company needs a new wireless solution for its multi-site network. All branch sites must connect to the main site
through secure tunnels over the Internet. The customer requires full redundancy for the Mobility Controllers (MC). Including stateful failover and seamless roaming for the main site.

The architect plans to propose:

-500 RAPS

-100 APs at the main campus two 7205 MCs

– one MM appliance The exhibit snows the existing wired network at the main site, which has a single
building with two large floors.

Following the best practices on design, performance, and security, where should the architect plan to connect the MCs?
{Potential locations are numbered in the exhibit.)

A. two 7205 MCs at 2; two 7210 MCs at 1
B. one 7205 MC at 3 and one at 4; two 7210 MCs at 1
C. all of the MCs at 2
D. two 7205 MCS at 1; two 7210 MCS at 2

Correct Answer: C


What is one customer requirement that can drive the need for a relatively dense AP deployment? In which ire coverage
areas of at least three AP radios overlap?

A. AP operation as hybrid AMs for IDS/WIPS
B. the deployment of dual GHz radio APs
C. support for beacon management
D. location tracking of wireless loT devices

Correct Answer: C


An indoor sports stadium has 5.000 seats in two rings:
The stadium has a ceiling height of 72 feet (22 m).
There is a catwalk around the perimeter of my stadium that is 54 feet (13 m) from my floor.
There are two scoreboards at either end of the stadium
The construction of the stadium is concrete and steel.

The customer has indicated a preference for overhead coverage, and the wireless network should support 3500
concurrent clients. The architect plans to install the APs on the catwalk to service sections of the floor below

Which type of antennas are recommended for the APS that provide the overhead coverage?

A. downtilt
B. high gain directional
C. high gain omnidirectional
D. vagi

Correct Answer: B


The architect plans to recommend an upgrade to Aruba CX switches What is one requirement for the new solution that
justifies this recommendation?

A. the requirement to support secure IPsec tunneling at the aggregation layer
B. the requirement to support larger ARP tables at the aggregation layer
C. the requirement to support smart Rate at the access layer
D. the requirement to support tunneled-node at the access layer

Correct Answer: A


Refer to the exhibit.

A customer needs a wired upgrade for a building on its main campus. The exhibit shows the switches that the architect
has selected for each closet and my existing cabling. The customer is not open to changing the cabling.

The customer requires link redundancy for the uplinks from each closet and for the links from the building to the core. In nonlink failure situations, the uplinks from each closet must support at least 20Gbps, and the building as a whole must have at least 20 Gbps to the core in non link failure situations Which two options Tor connecting the closets to the network core are valid? (select two.)

A. Connect me Floor 2 switch stack to Floor 1 with two fiber connections, DO me same for Floor 3. connect the Floor 1
switch stack to the network cone with two fiber connections.

B. Connect the switch stack on each floor directly to the network cone on two “fiber connections per floor. Achieve this
by patching the inter-floor fiber through to the inter-building fiber.

C. Combine the nine switches on the three floors into a single switch stack with the MM QM3 fiber cables in a ring
topology. Connect two Floor 1 members to the network core with one fiber connection each.

D. Combine the nine switches on all three floors into a single switch slack with stacking cables in a ring topology.
Connect two Floor f members to the network core with one fiber connection each

E. Add two aggregation switches in the Floor 1closet. Connect the switch stack for each closet to the aggregation
switches on two fiber links each and the aggregation switches to the core on two fiber links.

Correct Answer: BE


An indoor basketball stadium has 5.000 seats in two rings:

The stadium has a ceiling height of GO feet (18 m).
There is a catwalk around the perimeter of the basketball court, between the court and the seating areas.

This catwalk is 40 feet (12 m) from the floor.
There are two scoreboards at either end of the stadium.
The construction of the stadium is concrete and sleet.
The customer does not want an under-seat, picocell deployment.

Which AP model is appropriate to provide coverage in the main stadium bawl?

A. AP-577
B. AP-555
C. AP-575
D. AP-505

Correct Answer: A


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