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2018 IBM 000-004 Dumps (All 188 Q&As) From Pass4itsure 1-24

1. What is the first step that should be performed after setting up a new IBM Tivoli Storage Manager server?
A. prepare
B. storage manager database backup
C. process to return local scratch tapes to the library
D. cron job to back up the Tivoli Storage Manager file system
000-004 exam Answer:B

2. Using the administrative command line on the client machine, query the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (Tivoli Storage Manager) server and save the output to be used for a report later. What must a Tivoli Storage Manager administrator with Operator authority do in order for this output to be redirected for reports?
A. Add > filename to the command.
B. Set the Admin authority to System and create a file output.
C. Create a report in the ISC and direct it to outfile=”outputname”.
D. Issue Query Systeminfo and from the DOS prompt select file output.

3. Which type of device class is supported by random access storage?
A. Disk
B. Tape
C. Virtual
D. GenericTape
000-004 dumps Answer:A

4. Which command will add a new volume to the library, which is in the entry/exit ports of the library?
A. checkin libvolume libname volname search=no status=scratch
B. checkin libvolume libname volname search=no status=scratch waitt=0
C. checkin libvolume libname search=yes status=scratch checklabel=yes
D. checkin libvolume libname search=bulk status=scratch checklabel=barcode

5. What is the term for automatic data movement that frees up space on tape volumes by consolidating active data from fragmented tape volumes onto a single volume?
A. migration
B. collocation
C. reclamation
D. aggregation
000-004 pdf Answer:C

6. Which command must be used to define a schedule that archives specific files quarterly on the last Friday of the month?

7. A customer has a 3584 library with 1000 tape volumes. All of the tape volumes are in IBM Tivoli Storage Manager library inventory with private and scratch status. Now the customer wants to know the total number of ‘Private’ volumes by SQL command. What is the correct SQL statement for an automatic count?
A. SELECT * FROM volumes WHERE status=’Private’
B. SELECT * FROM libvolumes WHERE status=’Private’
C. SELECT COUNT(*) FROM volumes WHERE status=’Private’
D. SELECT COUNT(*) FROM libvolumes WHERE status=’Private’
000-004 vce Answer:D

8. A new server-to-server environment is being set up. One server is called Source and the other Target. With the define server command, the servers will be defined in one step to these two servers. But only one server is defined. On one side, there is no server definition for the issuing server to find. How can this problem be solved?
A. On the Source server, DEFINE SERVER SOURCE …
B. Set on Source and on Target server, SET CROSSDEFINE ON.
C. Set on both servers the IP address, IP port, and the server password.

9. Additional LTO4 tape drives should be added to the LTO library that has LTO2 drives, what must be done to ensure that the LTO4 drives are used for off-site tapes?
A. Define additional tape drives and path to additional tape drives.
B. Define device class for LTO4, tape drive, and update copypool.
C. Remove LTO device class, and define new LTO4 device class, tape drives, and path.
D. Define the new library, the library path, device class for LTO4, new tape drives to library, path of new drives to IBM Tivoli Storage Manager server, and update storage pool to use new device class LTO4 for off-site copypool and/or primary pools that are sent off-site.
000-004 exam Answer: D

10. A customer wants to copy the file, my data/schedule.doc, retain it for 365 days, and maintain its default backup retention for 30 days. Which IBM Tivoli Storage Manager action should be performed?
A. archive
B. image backup
C. open file backup
D. incremental backup
Answer: A

11. Which statement is true about IBM Tivoli Storage Manager selective backup?
A. It causes the server to update the date and time of the last archive.
B. It expires backup versions of files that are deleted from the workstation.
C. It rebinds backup versions to a management class if the management class has not changed.
D. It backs up directory and file entries even if their size, modification timestamp, or permissions have not changed.
Answer: D

12. Which three operating systems support journal-based backups? (Choose three.)
B. Solaris
D. Linux Redhat
E. Windows 2003 Server
F. Windows 2008 Server
000-004 dumps Answer:AEF

13. Whenever using the backup-archive client interface to perform Network Data Management Protocol backups or restores, you are asked to authenticate yourself as an IBM Tivoli Storage Manager administrator before the operation begins. What is the minimal level of authority the administrator ID must have to complete this?
A. system authority
B. system authority for the NAS node
C. client owner authority for the NAS node
D. analyst authority for the backup-archive client server

14. The same backup operation can be performed with a server interface. For example, from the administrative command line client, back up the file system named /vol/vol1 on a NAS file server named NAS1, by entering the following command: backup node nas1 /vol/vol1 What is the minimal level of authority required to perform this operation?
A. storage authority
B. system authority for the NAS node
C. client owner authority for the NAS node
D. analyst authority for the backup-archive client server
000-004 pdf Answer: C

15. In order to back up a NAS device to an IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (Tivoli Storage Manager) native storage pool, set the destination storage pool in the copy group to point to the desired native storage pool. The destination storage pool provides the information about the library and drives used for backup and restore. When backing up a NAS file server to Tivoli Storage Manager native pools, the TOCDESTINATION may be the same as the destination of the NDMP data. What is required for this to
A. Define a new copygroup for the TOC.
B. Define a new device class for the TOC.
C. Define a copygroup with the TOCDestination parameter.
D. Define a device class, by using the TOCDestination parameter.
Answer: C

16. What is the latest and fastest backup method for a large customer to use Network Data Management Protocol (NDMP) for the large filer?
A. the NetAppSnapMirror to Tape
B. the traditional NDMP for full backup
C. a flash-copy with SnapMirror directly to Tape
D. a block-level copy with SnapMirror directly to Tape
000-004 vce Answer: D

17. A Network Data Management Protocol (NDMP) installation is growing fast with a large filer. For these large IBM Tivoli Storage Manager nodes, a faster backup method must be implemented. Which method should be considered?
A. NDMP full
B. SnapMirror to Tape
C. NDMP differential backup
D. Incremental backup with NDMP
Answer: B

18. The Network Data Management Protocol filers must be backed up. All definitions are complete and the access to the tape environment is working properly. The backup command is not performing optimally. To allow the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager client a backup from a NetApp filer, some additional options for the backup command are required to get optimal performance. Which option should be used?
B. TYPE = BACKUPImage | SNAPMirror
C. TYPE = BACKUPFilespace | SNAPCopy
D. TYPE = BACKUPFiller | SNAPMultiple
Answer: B

19. Which command starts the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager administrative command line interface?
A. dsmc
B. dsmadmc
C. tsmadmin
D. dsm admin
000-004 exam Answer: B

20. What are two valid options when starting the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager administrative command line interface? (Choose two.)
A. -clientmode
B. -adminmode
C. – mountmode
D. – servermode
E. – consolemode

21. The exhibit represents a simple routed network. Node 7 is a Windows 2000 Professional machine that establishes a TCP communication with Node 10, a Windows 2003 Server. The routers are Cisco 2500 series running IOS 11.2. While working at Node 10, you run a packet capture. Packets received by Node 10, and sent from Node 7 will reveal which of the following combination of source IP and source Physical addresses:
A. Source IP address, Source Physical address for Node 7
B. Source IP address, Source Physical address for Node 7
C. Source IP address for Router D’s Int E0, Source Physical address for Node 7
D. Source IP address, Source Physical address Router D’s Int E0
E. Source IP addresses for both Nodes 7 and Router D’s Int E0, Source Physical address for both Nodes 7 and Router D’s Int E0.
000-004 dumps Answer:D

22. You have implemented an IPSec policy, using only AH. You are analyzing your network traffic in Network Monitor, which of the following statements are true about your network traffic?
A. You will not be able to view the data in the packets, as it is encrypted.
B. You will not be able to identify the upper layer protocol.
C. You will be able to view the unencrypted data in the packets.
D. You will be able to identify the encryption algorithm in use.
E. You will not be able to view the packet header.
Answer: C

23. In order to perform promiscuous mode captures using the Wireshark capture tool on a Windows Server 2003 machine, what must first be installed?
A. IPv4 stack
B. IPv6 stack
C. WinPcap
D. Nothing, it will capture by default
E. At least two network adapters
000-004 pdf Answer: C

24. You are configuring the rules on your firewall, and need to take into consideration that some clients in
the network are using automatic addressing. What is the IP address range reserved for internal use for
APIPA in Microsoft networks?
A. /4
B. /16
C. /8
D. /0
E. /16
Answer: B
000-004 dumps

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