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Updated HP HPE6-A71 exam practice questions (Q&As 1-13)

Once connected to a WLAN, a user cannot reliably access resources in a company\\’s network. Based on the output
shown in the exhibit, what can be determined about the users connection?

hpe6-a71 exam questions-q1

A. The user is connected wirelessly to a controller.
B. The user has successfully authenticated through use of PEAP.
C. The user is connected to an ArubaOS-Switch.
D. The user is connected to a controller through use of the VIA client.
Correct Answer: C

In the WebUI of an Aruba Mobility Controller (MC), where can an administrator generate a tech support file that the
Aruba Technical Support team can use to help customers?
A. Configuration > System > Logging
B. Diagnostics > Technical Support > Copy Logs
C. Diagnostics > Technical Support > System Information
D. Maintenance > Configuration Management > Backup
Correct Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit.

hpe6-a71 exam questions-q3

An administrator wants to centralize administrative access to the Aruba Mobility Controllers (MC) and Mobility Master
(MM). ClearPass is set up and the preferred authentication protocol is TACACS+. Where should the administrator
perform this configuration in the MM hierarchy shown in the exhibit?
A. at the Managed Network level
B. at both the Mobility Master and Managed Network levels
C. at the two campus levels
D. at the controller levels
Correct Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit.

hpe6-a71 exam questions-q4

An administrator wants to verify the operation of MultiZone in a network. The administrator uses the command show ap
debug multizoneto generate the output shown in the exhibit.
Based on the output, which statement is true?
A. Zone 1 is the primary zone, and zone 0 is the data zone.
B. The MultiZone APs are in a cluster.
C. The maximum VAPs in the MultiZone is 15.
D. The primary zone has limited the data zone to one WLAN.
Correct Answer: D

A guest establishes an authenticated wireless session to an Aruba Mobility Controller (MC). The controller uses a
ClearPass server for all AAA functions.
Which AAA component disconnects the user when the guest exceeds their allowed duration?
A. SNMP Disconnect
B. Active Directory Session Limits
C. RADIUS Authorization Profile
D. RADIUS Change of Authorization
Correct Answer: D

An administrator creates a user role that department A in a company uses. Various other roles exist for other
departments. All employees connect to the same ESSID, which authenticates to an external AAA server.
How should the administrator configure the controller to assign the appropriate roles to the employees?
A. Implement default roles.
B. Implement user roles.
C. Implement AAA profile roles.
D. Implement server-derived roles.
Correct Answer: B

An administrator troubleshoots a roaming problem where a user loses connectivity to the network during the roaming
process. To help troubleshoot this problem, which device or devices in a wireless network initiates the roaming
A. the AP
B. both the client and the controller
C. the client
D. the controller
Correct Answer: C

Which protocol is used between Aruba Mobility Controllers (MC) and ArubaOS-Switches to negotiate tunneled node?
C. IPSec
Correct Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit.

hpe6-a71 exam questions-q9

The Branch office RAP shown in the exhibit provides secure wireless employee access. Because of security concerns,
the company\\’s security policy does not allow wireless guest access. Some customers that visit the Branch office need
Internet access. A RAP\\’s Ethernet Port 3 is used for wired guest access and Port 2 is used for wired employee access.
When employees connect to Port 2, they are authenticated successfully and a split-tunnel policy allows them access to
both corporate and Internet resources from the Branch office. Guest users, however, cannot access Internet resources
on Port 3.
How can the administrator provide guest users Internet access?
A. Create a guest VAP that allows wired RAP port access.
B. Implement ClientMatch to handle the employee and guest user traffic correctly.
C. Configure a bridge role for the wired RAP port.
D. Implement the MultiZone feature on the RAP.
Correct Answer: A

An administrator wants to implement bandwidth limits for guest users to restrict their Internet usage. On the Mobility
Master (MM), where would the administrator define these limits?
A. Firewall policy
B. AAA policy
C. User role
D. 802.1X policy
Correct Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit.

hpe6-a71 exam questions-q11

 An administrator implements an L2 cluster of Aruba Mobility Controllers (MCs) as shown in the exhibit. An external
RADIUS AAA server authentication clients associated with the Active User Anchor Controller (AUAC), where the NAS
IP address sent from Controller B is
By default, what happens to the user\\’s session when it is handed over to the Standby UAC (S-UAC) after a failover?
A. The user\\’s session remains active and RADIUS messages can still be processed between the S-UAC and AAA
B. The user\\’s session remains active, but the AAA server cannot implement RADIUS Change of Authorization (CoA).
C. The user\\’s session is disconnected and has to reconnect, but the S-UAC automatically updates the NAS-IP address
on the AAA server to record the event.
D. The user\\’s session is disconnected and has to reconnect, and no record of this process is stored on the AAA
Correct Answer: A

An administrator at Campus A manages Aruba Mobility Controllers (MCs). The administrator defines a server group that
includes a local ClearPass server and a remote Microsoft RADIUS server. The ClearPass server has the credentials for
users at Campus A and the Microsoft RADIUS server has the credentials for users at Campus ?. Users at Campus A
successfully authenticate and connect to the Campus A wireless network. However, when users from Campus ? visit
Campus A they fail authentication.
What can the administrator do to solve this problem?
A. Enable EAP termination on the ClearPass server.
B. Enable machine authentication on the Mobility Controllers.
C. Enable EAP-TTLS with EAP Termination on the Mobility Controllers.
D. Enable FastConnect on the Campus A Mobility Controllers.
Correct Answer: B

An administrator needs to support Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) in a company\\’s network. The
network infrastructure requires the OpenFlow protocol to support SDN-capable applications.
Which controller topology meets these requirements?
A. Mobility Master-Mobility Controller
B. Master-Local
C. Zones
D. Standalone Mobility Controller
Correct Answer: A

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