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300-070 dumps
2018 Cisco 300-070 Dumps (All 211 Q&As) From Pass4itsure:
Refer to the exhibit.
300-070 dumps
Which party has a SIP B2BUA role in the call?
B. and
D. None of the parties has a B2BUA role in the call.
E. and
300-070 exam Correct Answer: C
A Cisco Unified Communications Manager group specifies a prioritized list of how many Cisco Unified Communications Managers?
A. 0
B. 1
C. 2
D. 3
E. 4
F. 5
G. 6
H. 7
Correct Answer: D
When dialing 1234, which rule is matched first?
A. route pattern 1XXX
B. route pattern 12[123]X
C. translation pattern 12[123]X
D. translation pattern 1XXX
E. directory number 12345
300-070 dumps Correct Answer: C
What are the characteristics of a Cisco Unified Communications Manager group?
A. Each call-processing server can be assigned to a single Cisco Unified Communications Manager group.
B. A Cisco Unified Communications Manager group is a prioritized list of (one or more) callprocessing and application servers.
C. Each device has to have a Cisco Unified Communications Manager group assigned, which will determine the primary and backup servers to which it can register.
D. A single Cisco Unified Communications Manager group can exist in a single cluster.
Correct Answer: B
What are two characteristics of a Cisco Unified Communications Manager dial plan? (Choose two.)
A. partitions and calling search spaces

C. dial peers
D. voice translation rules
E. route patterns
300-070 pdf Correct Answer: AE
Which parameter is required on MCU for ad hoc conferencing?
A. Media Port reservation
B. incoming calls to unknown conferences or auto-attendants
C. DSP reservation for video
D. MCU type
E. MCU Conference Bridge SIP Port
Correct Answer: A

You are configuring a L2TP solution between your office and your primary branch office. The CEO has requested a report on the benefits of using this technology. Which of the following benefits does L2TP (with IPSec) provide?
A. Bandwidth Management
B. Encryption
C. User Authentication
D. Packet Authentication
E. Key Management
300-070 vce 
Answer: B,D,E
As you analyze the settings of the Secure Server (Require Security) IPSec policy in Windows Server 2003, you are looking at the options available for encryption and integrity. Which of the following answers presents a legitimate combination for encryption and integrity in the IPSec policy?
A. Encryption: SHA1, Integrity: 3DES
B. Encryption: 3DES, Integrity: SHA1
C. Encryption: RSA, Integrity: MD5
D. Encryption: MD5, Integrity: RSA
E. Encryption: SHA1, Integrity: MD5
Answer: B
You are configuring a new custom IPSec policy on your Windows Server 2003 machine. On the rules tab, you find the three default options under the IP Filter List. What are these three default options?
A. All TCP Traffic
B. All UDP Traffic
C. All IP Traffic
D. All ICMP Traffic
E. <Dynamic>
300-070 exam
Answer: C,D,E
During an analysis of your IPSec implementation, you capture traffic with Network Monitor. You are verifying that IP is properly identifying AH. When you look into IP, what protocol ID would IP identify with AH?
A. Protocol ID 0x800 (800)
B. Protocol ID 0x6 (6)
C. Protocol ID 0x15 (21)
D. Protocol ID 0x33 (51)
E. Protocol ID 0x1 (1)
Answer: D

You are designing a new IPSec implementation for your organization, and are trying to determine your security needs. You need to clearly understand the implementation choices, before you make any changes to the network. Which of the following describes what transport and tunnel modes protect using IPSec?
A. In transport mode, IPSec protects upper-layer protocols.
B. In transport mode, IPSec protects just the TCP header.
C. In tunnel mode, IPSec protects the upper-layer protocols.
D. In transport mode, IPSec protects the entire IP packet.
E. In tunnel mode, IPSec protects the entire IP packet.
F. In tunnel mode, IPSec protects just the IP header.
300-070 dumps Answer: A,E
If you wish to implement IPSec between two branch offices of your organization, and wish for this to include the encryption of the full packet, which implementation would meet your needs?
A. ESP in Transport Mode
B. AH in Transport Mode
C. ESP in Tunnel Mode
D. AH in Tunnel Mode
E. Combination of both AH and ESP in Transport Mode
Answer: C
In your current organization, you have been given the task of implementing the IPSec solution. All your servers are running Windows Server 2003, so you wish to use the built in policies. What are the three default IPSec policies in Windows Server 2003?
A. Server (Require Security)
B. Server (Request Security)
C. Client (Respond Only)
D. Client (Request Security)
E. Server (Respond Only)
300-070 pdf
Answer: A,B,C
You have clients that are connected to your network via a VPN. What is the internetwork environment that connects the VPN Client to the VPN Server called?
A. VPN Tunnel
B. Ethernet Tunnel
C. Internet Pipe
D. Transit Network
E. Session Pipe
Answer: D
To verify that your PPTP implementation is working as you intended, you sniff the network after the implementation has been completed. You are looking for specific values in the captures that will indicate to you the type of packets received. You analyze the packets, including headers and payload. PPTP works at which layer of the OSI model?
A. Layer 1
B. Layer 2
C. Layer 3
D. Layer 4
E. Layer 5
300-070 vce 
Answer: B
You are the firewall administrator for your company and you have just learned that the Server administrators are gearing up support an L2TP based VPN solution. You are told to be sure that your firewall rule sets will not hinder the performance of the VPN. Which port, from the following list, will you have to allow through the firewall?
A. TCP 1701
B. UDP 1701
C. TCP 443
D. UDP 443
E. TCP 1601
Answer: B
When renditions are managed along with the document object’s primary rendition, which statement is true?
A. Renditions can be of any format but multiple renditions with the same format cannot exist.
B. Renditions can be of any format but multiple renditions with the same format cannot exist within the same version.
C. Renditions can be of any format.
D. Renditions can be of any format that is not the same format as the primary rendition.
300-070 exam
Correct Answer: C
Which statement is true about the ability to drag and drop objects from within Webtop to the user’s local desktop?
A. The feature works when multiple files are selected.
B. The feature works only when the browser’s security level is set to Medium.
C. The feature is enabled for all users by default.
D. The feature is only available through the clipboard.
Correct Answer: A
What can be subscribed to in the repository?
A. A permission set
B. An object type
C. A group
D. A folder
300-070 dumps Correct Answer: D
Where in Webtop can the default application for viewing objects be set?
A. Preferences
B. Tools menu
C. Properties
D. Advanced Search
Correct Answer: A
What does the Copy/Paste function in Webtop accomplish?
A. creates a link to the object in the repository
B. creates a new, unrelated object in the repository
C. copies content to be pasted into other documents
D. moves the object to another repository location
300-070 pdf
Correct Answer: B
Which action does the Content Server perform when a user right-clicks an object and selects Edit?
A. It checks out the document.
B. It adds a new version to the object.
C. It adds a new rendition to the object.
D. It changes the object location within the repository.
Correct Answer: A
What is required for a user to initiate editing of a document in D2 that is stored in the repository?
A. The document must be the current version.
B. The document must not have any renditions.
C. The document must not be checked out.
D. The document cannot be part of a virtual document.
300-070 vce 
Correct Answer: C
Which statement is true regarding renditions?
A. Renditions can be added automatically using Media Transformation Services (MTS).
B. Each version of a document can have only one rendition in each file format.
C. Renditions are copied to the new version when versioning a document.
D. Renditions of a document may be edited by any user with SYSADMIN privilege in the repository and WRITE permission on the document.

Correct Answer: A
How are the attributes that are used in the Webtop Smart Navigation feature configured?
A. By each user, on the Advanced Search page.
B. On the repository, by the administrator, and cannot be changed by the user.
C. The attributes used are automatically computed and cannot be changed by the user.
D. By each user, in User Preferences.
300-070 exam
Correct Answer: D
What is the foundation on which each search template in TaskSpace is built?
A. an object type
B. a cabinet
C. a folder or set of folders
D. a task list template
Correct Answer: A
By default, which search configuration does Webtop Advanced Search allow?
A. search permission set objects
B. search file size ranges
C. search public websites
D. search specified database
300-070 dumps Correct Answer: B
What is the “Place in Text” filter available for when using CenterStage?
A. CenterStage content
B. CenterStage and Documentum repository content
C. CenterStage and intranet content
D. CenterStage and public website content
Correct Answer: A
In CenterStage, which action is necessary to enable users to search for content in remote repositories?
A. Synchronize the LDAP server accounts.
B. Install ACS to enable replication.
C. Configure My Preferences to include the remote repository folders.
D. Connect the CenterStage server to the remote repository’s index servers.
300-070 pdf
Correct Answer: C
A CenterStage user performs a global search and receives the error message “Authentication failed…” How can the user fix the error and successfully perform this search?
A. Provide valid credentials for the search source that failed in My Preferences.

B. Log in to the operating system as a different user.
C. Log in to CenterStage with different credentials.
D. Configure the search filter to be performed on the server that failed.
Correct Answer: A
What is necessary to limit a search to a single CenterStage space?
A. The search expression must be entered in the CenterStage toolbar Search field and “Search in my extra sources” must be unchecked.
B. The search expression must be entered into the Search field in the CenterStage toolbar using xPlore syntax to specify the space.
C. The space must be open. The search expression must be entered in the CenterStage toolbar Search field and “Search in my extra sources” must be unchecked.
D. The space must be open. The search expression must be entered in the space’s Search tab, in the “Search and filter content” field.
300-070 vce 
Correct Answer: D
How do search rankings in CenterStage appear?
A. Up to three bullets
B. Up to four bars
C. As a percentage
D. As a number from one to five
Correct Answer: A
Which object properties are indexed by xPlore?
A. properties of dmr_content and dm_attribute
B. properties of dm_sysobject and subtypes of dm_sysobject
C. properties of dm_document and dmr_content
D. properties of dm_filestore and subtypes of dm_filestore
300-070 exam
Correct Answer: B
If lemmatization is enabled for repository searches, what will users notice when they perform searches using Webtop?
A. Search results include variations of search terms, increasing the number of results.
B. The Preferences include settings that allow users to specify how lemmatization is applied to their searches.

C. The Advanced Search page includes an extra checkbox, allowing the user to enable lemmatization for
D. Searches have the same results but are returned more quickly.
Correct Answer: A
300-070 dumps

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