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Are you qualified enough to pass the Microsoft 70-696 dumps? “Administering System Center Configuration Manager and Intune” is the name of Microsoft 70-696 exam dumps which covers all the knowledge points of the real Microsoft exam. Most important Microsoft MCSE 70-696 dumps practice exam video is your best choice.

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Exam Code: 70-696
Exam Name: Administering System Center Configuration Manager and Intune
Updated: Sep 21, 2017
Q&As: 86

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70-696 dumps

2017 Microsoft 70-696 Dumps (All 86 Q&As) From Pass4itsure:

You need to meet the inventory 70-696 exam requirements.
What should you do? To answer, select the appropriate options in the answer area.
Hot Area:
70-696 dumps

You need to meet the application requirements of App4.
What should you do first?
A. Create a Mobile Device Security Policy.
B. Upload App4 to Windows Intune.
C. Set the Mobile Devices Management Authority.
D. Install the Windows Intune client software.
Correct Answer: C
You need to identify on which computers the usage of App2 will be metered.
Which computers should you identify? In the 70-696 dumps table below, identify on which computers the usage of App2 will be metered. Make only one selection in each row.
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Correct Answer:
70-696 dumps

You manage a deployment of Microsoft System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager.
All client computers have the Configuration Manager client installed.
Users are members of the local Administrators group on their respective computer.
You are preparing the documentation for the support staff to remediate client issues.
You need to identify which issues will be resolved by auto-remediation.
Which three issues should you identify? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.
A. The WMI service was stopped by a user.
B. The WMI service was disabled by a user.

C. The SMS Agent Host service was removed by a user.
D. The Configuration Manager scheduled tasks were deleted by a user.
E. The Configuration Manager scheduled tasks were disabled by a user.
F. The SMS Agent Host service was stopped by a user.
Correct Answer: ABF

A customer has a SAS-based storage environment with a SAS domain and some standalone
servers, each with multiple built-in SAS disks. The implementation includes direct routing, table
routing and subtractive routing. What is table routing?
A. routing along multiple parallel connections
B. routing along a physical point-to-point connection
C. routing between devices connected to an edge expander
D. routing between devices connected to different edge expanders
70-696 pdf Answer: C
You have recently upgraded a tape drive on a older switch to operate at 120MB/s from 80MB/s.
Prior to purchasing the tape drives, you tested server dumps to a disk array across multiple ports
and saw speeds exceeding 150MB/s. With the new tape drive, you have not seen any dump
speed exceed 100MB/s. What is the most likely cause?
A. The new tape drive has logged into the fabric as a storage initiator.
B. The switch only has 1Gb/s ports.
C. You have not yet reset the switch port buffer credits.
D. The tape drive has logged in as an iSCSI device.
Answer: B
You have an existing disk subsystem with 16 drives that provides volumes for six Windows hosts on 2Gb/s links. You decide to add another 16 drive tray to double the number of raw hard drives in order to support five (5) new UNIX servers. The average server throughput is 20 MB/s. The disk subsystem is dual ported and configured active-passive. What is likely to occur?
A. The zone configuration on the fabric will control the traffic flow to the disk subsystem.
B. The added server demand on the disk subsystem will saturate the ports.
C. The disk subsystem will notice the extra servers and go active-active to support the load.
D. The Windows systems will receive precedence as they were registered first on the disk subsystem.
70-696 vce Answer: B
You are about to allocate storage to a host that includes adding new paths, devices, and zones to the configuration. What must be done prior to making any changes to the configuration? (Choose two.)
A. create new zones
B. activate change tracking
C. activate the new zone set
D. backup the configuration
E. copy the active zone set
Answer: D,E
You are installing a x8 PCI-E HBA into a server and notice that you only have a x16 slot available.
What is the impact of this action?
A. The HBA will negotiate and use x16 lanes.
B. The slot must be reconfigured for x8 support.
C. The HBA cannot be installed into a x16 slot.
D. The slot will negotiate to support the x8 HBA.
70-696 exam Answer: D
What concept can reduce the number of ports required for ISLs?
A. zoning
B. locality
C. trunking
D. routing
Answer: B
Which two (2) processes occur during a fabric merge? (Choose two.)
A. TOV negotiation
B. zone set passing
C. FSPF trunk negotiation
D. name server communication
E. subordinate switch negotiation
70-696 dumps Answer: B,D
In a multiple switch fabric, how should the error detection (E_D_TOV) and resource allocation
(R_A_TOV) time out values be set?
A. according to the number of switches in the fabric
B. as a multiple of the number of ports on the switch
C. the same on all N_Ports and switches in the fabric
D. double the values set on the core switch
Answer: C

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