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A whole new IBM App Connect Enterprise V11 Solution Development exam questions and answer


What command must be executed before running the mqsicreatebroker command on Linux to create an integration

A. mqsiprofile
B. mqsiservice
C. mqsicommandconsole
D. mqsicvp

Correct Answer: A .html


Which two external security providers can be configured in the security profiles in IBM App Connect Enterprise?

C. OAuth 2.0
D. Linux PAM
E. WS-Trustv1.3STS

Correct Answer: BC


When splitting message flow processing between different integration servers how do the flows communicate?

A. Using a switch server and connectivity agents
B. Using switch addresses and node configuration
C. Using a connectivity server and switch agents
D. Using node addresses and node configuration

Correct Answer: A

If you are splitting processing between different integration servers, or between IBM App Connect Enterprise and IBM
App-Connect on IBM Cloud, your flows communicate by using a Switch server and connectivity agents.


What are the two purposes of a user trace?

A. Debug message flows and integration servers
B. Provide more information than the administration log
C. Provide flow usage metrics
D. Detect Web-Admin login failures
E. Monitor user activity

Correct Answer: AB


What is the correct sequence of steps to define the operations in a service interface?
Select and Place:

Correct Answer:


Which section in the Cloud Integration Platform Navigator should be clicked in order to install IBM MQ?
Hot Area:

Correct Answer:


When referencing a policy within a node configuration, what is the format of the reference?

A. {PolicyProjectName}:PolicyName
B. PolicyProjectName:PolicyName
C. Policy:{PolicyName}
D. ApplicationName:PolicyName

Correct Answer: D


The mqsicommandconsole command is a required prerequisite for running which two commands?

A. mqsichangeproperties
B. mqsiAssemblylnstall
C. mqsiprofille
D. mqsimanagelinlcs
E. mqsisetsecurity

Correct Answer: BE

The mqsicommandconsole command is required for the following commands: mqsiaddbrokerinstance mqsicreatebroker mqsimigratecomponents mqsisetsecurity mqsiAssemblyInstall mqsimanagexalinks mqsipackagebar _.htm


What is the difference between using Convert Single Project and Convert Multiple Projects when converting from projects to applications and libraries?

A. Convert Single Project is for one existing project and Convert Multiple Projects is for one or more existing projects.

B. Convert Single Project is for converting an existing project and any references into one application while Convert
Multiple Projects will convert into multiple desired applications with shared libraries.

C. Convert Single Project will put all artifacts into one application or library, while Convert Multiple Projects will create a
new application or library for each existing project.

D. Only Convert Single Projects can convert existing Message Broker projects into IBM App Connect Enterprise
applications and libraries, Convert Multiple Projects requires the projects to meet IBM Integration Bus standards before

Correct Answer: D


When using a GroupScatter node, which terminal allows logging and debugging of groups?

A. Catch
B. Published
C. Group Created
D. Out

Correct Answer: C .html

If the Group created terminal is wired, a message is propagated down this terminal, with the detailed group information, after the group has been committed. The purpose of this terminal is to allow the logging and debugging of groups.


How can static library LIB1 be converted into a shared library without breaking references?

A. Use the shared library conversion tool from the Integration Toolkit
B. Highlight the static library, open convert wizard create a new shared library selecting the resolve references checkbox
which will update all applications, libraries, and independent resources that referenced LIB1.
C. Create a new shared library named TMP1, move all assets from the static library, rename the static library, and rename shared library LIB1.
D. Export static library LIB1 as a shared library, import the new shared library into the workspace replacing static library with new shared LIB1.

Correct Answer: D


What Event Coordination option must be implemented in the Collector node so that message collections are propagated in the order they have been completed?

A. All complete collections
B. First complete collection
C. Disabled

Correct Answer: A


Once a BAR file is configured it can be deployed to which production environment?

A. IBM App Connect Professional
B. IBM App Connect Enterprise Developer Edition
C. IBM API Connect
D. IBM App Connect on IBM Cloud

Correct Answer: D _.htm

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