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[Jul.-2017-New] Latest Current Exam Details For Microsoft 70-742 Dumps Identity with Windows Server 2016 Real Exam On Youtube Study

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It is very difficult to pass Microsoft https://www.pass4itsure.com/70-742.html dumps exam questions this is why most of the Identity with Windows Server 2016 test students always try to find a simple way for passing the MCSA 70-742 practice exam questions offered by Microsoft.

Exam Code: 70-742 
Exam Name: Identity with Windows Server 2016
Updated: Jul 07, 2017
Q&As: 49

The study guide helps you master all the topics on the MCSA 70-742 dumps for Windows Server 2016, including:

  • Installing and configuring Active Directory Domain Services, including domain controllers, users, computers, groups, and OUs
  • Managing and maintaining Active Directory Domain Services, including configuration of service authentication and account policies, and challenges of complex enterprise environments
  • Creating and managing Group Policy: objects, processing, setting, and preferences
  • Implementing Active Directory Certification Services: installation, configuration, and management
  • Implementing Identity Federation and Access Solutions, including Pass4itsure 70-742 dumps Web Application Proxy and Rights Management Services


2017 Microsoft 70-742 Dumps (All 49 Q&As) From Pass4itsure:  

In a Cortex-A9 processor, when the Memory Management Unit (MMU) is disabled, which of the
following statements is TRUE? (VA is the virtual address and PA is the physical address)
A. VA == PA; No address translations; instructions and data are not cached
B. VA! = PA; No address translations; instructions may be cached but not data
C. VA == PA; Address translations take place; data may be cached but not instructions
D. VA == PA; No address translations; instructions may be cached but not data
70-742 dumps Answer: D
In the Generic Interrupt Controller (GIC), when an interrupt is requested, but is not yet being
handled, it is in which of the following states?
A. Inactive
B. Active
C. Pending
D. Edge-triggered
Answer: C
A simple system comprises of the following memory map:
Flash – 0x0 to 0x7FFF
RAM – 0x10000 to 0X17FFF
When conforming to the ABI, which of the following is a suitable initial value for the stack pointer?
A. Top address of RAM (0x18000)
B. Top address of flash (0x8000)
C. Bottom address of RAM (0x10000)
D. Bottom address of flash (0x0000)
70-742 exam Answer: A
A program running on a development board that is connected to a host using a debugger can
access a file on the host by using:
A. Memory mapping
B. Semihosting
C. Polling
D. Virtual I/O
Answer: B
In which type of storage will the compiler preferentially place frequently accessed variables?
A. Stack
B. Heap
C. Registers
D. Hard disk
70-742 pdf Answer: C
What view in a debugger displays the order in which functions were called?
A. The Call Stack view
B. The Memory view
C. The Registers view
D. The Variables view
Answer: A
Printf statements could be used to achieve which of the following debug tasks?
A. Observe changes to a local variable in a function
B. Capture a real-time trace of program execution
C. Debug boot code, before a call to the C main() function
D. Stop the processor at an interesting location in the code
70-742 vce Answer: A
When the processor is executing in Thumb state, which of the following statements is correct
about the values stored in R15?
A. Bits[31:16] are duplicated with bits[15:0]
B. The PC value is stored in bits[31:1] and bit[0] is treated as zero
C. The PC value is stored in bits[31:16] and bits[15:0] are undefined
D. The PC value is stored in bits[15:0] and bits[31:16] are undefined
Answer: B
A standard performance benchmark is being run on a single core ARM v7-A processor. The
performance results reported are significantly lower than expected. Which of the following options
is a possible explanation?
A. L1 Caches and branch prediction are disabled
B. The Embedded Trace Macrocell (ETM) is disabled
C. The Memory Management Unit (MMU) is enabled
D. The Snoop Control Unit (SCU) is disabled
70-742 dumps Answer: A
When setting the initial location of the stack pointer and the base address of the heap, the ARM
EABI requires that the:
A. Base address of the heap must be the same as the initial stack pointer.
B. Stack pointer must be 8-byte aligned.
C. Heap must be in external RAM.
D. Initial stack pointer must be the lowest addressable memory location.
Answer: B
In an ARMv7-A processor, which control register is used to enable the Memory Management Unit
70-742 pdf Answer: B
A simple method of measuring the performance of an application is to record the execution time
using the clock on the wall or a wristwatch.
When is this method INAPPROPRIATE?
A. When executing the software using a simulation model
B. When the processor is a Cortex-R4
C. When instruction tracing is enabled
D. When the processor is not executing instructions from cache
Answer: A
Consider the following code sequence, executing on a processor which implements ARM
Architecture v7-A.
LDR r0, [r1]
STR r0, [r2]
STR r3, [r3]
R1 points to a location in normal memory. R2 and R3 point to device memory.
Which of the following statements best describes the ordering rules which apply to this sequence?
A. The two writes to device memory will happen in program order, but the read can be performed
out of order
B. The memory accesses can happen in any order
C. The memory accesses will happen in program order
D. The read to r0 and the write from r0 will happen in program order, but the write from r3 can be
performed out of order
70-742 exam Answer: C
When using the default ARM tool-chain libraries for bare-metal applications. I/O functionality is
rerouted and handled by a connected debugger. This is often referred to as semihosting. Which
one of the following explanations BEST describes how this feature can be implemented by a
A. The library directly sends I/O requests to the debugger using the JTAG connection
B. While the target is running, the debugger processes I/O requests from a shared queue in
C. The I/O library calls rely on an Ethernet connection to redirect the requests to the debugger
D. The I/O library calls generate an exception that is trapped and handled by the debugger
Answer: D
The Cortex-A9 processor implements a feature called “small loop mode” which reduces power
consumption when executing small loops by turning off instruction cache accesses. Which of the
following statements describes a condition that must be satisfied for this mode to be enabled?
A. The loop must fit into two cache lines
B. The loop must only contain forward branches
C. Only integer arithmetic can be used
D. All variables must be held in registers
70-742 vce Answer: A

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