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Free Practice Exam Questions [2020.6] – Pass4itsure Exam Dumps

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Exam Name: Certified Information Privacy Technologist

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CIPT Certification – IAPP

Latest IAPP CIPT practice exam questions and answers

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How can a hacker gain control of a smartphone to perform remote audio and video surveillance?
A. By performing cross-site scripting.
B. By installing a roving bug on the phone.
C. By manipulating geographic information systems.
D. By accessing a phone\\’s global positioning system satellite signal.
Correct Answer: B

SCENARIO Carol was a U.S.-based glassmaker who sold her work at art festivals. She kept things simple by only
accepting cash and personal checks. As business grew, Carol couldn\\’t keep up with demand, and traveling to festivals
became burdensome. Carol opened a small boutique and hired Sam to run it while she worked in the studio. Sam was a
natural salesperson, and business
doubled. Carol told Sam, “I don\\’t know what you are doing, but keep doing it!”
But months later, the gift shop was in chaos. Carol realized that Sam needed help so she hired Jane, who had business
expertise and could handle the back-office tasks. Sam would continue to focus on sales. Carol gave Jane a few weeks
to get acquainted with the artisan craft business, and then scheduled a meeting for the three of them to discuss Jane\\’s
first impressions. At the meeting, Carol could not wait to hear Jane\\’s thoughts, but she was unprepared for what Jane
had to say. “Carol, I know that he doesn\\’t realize it, but some of Sam\\’s efforts to increase sales have put you in a
vulnerable position. You are
not protecting customers\\’ personal information like you should.”
Sam said, “I am protecting our information. I keep it in the safe with our bank deposit. It\\’s only a list of customers\\’
names, addresses and phone numbers that I get from their checks before I deposit them. I contact them when you finish
a piece
that I think they would like. That\\’s the only information I have! The only other thing I do is post photos and information
about your work on the photo sharing site that I use with family and friends. I provide my email address and people send
their information if they want to see more of your work. Posting online really helps sales, Carol. In fact, the only
complaint I hear is about having to come into the shop to make a purchase.”
Carol replied, “Jane, that doesn\\’t sound so bad. Could you just fix things and help us to post even more online?”
`I can,” said Jane. “But it\\’s not quite that simple. I need to set up a new program to make sure that we follow the best
practices in data management. And I am concerned for our customers. They should be able to manage how we use
personal information. We also should develop a social media strategy.”
Sam and Jane worked hard during the following year. One of the decisions they made was to contract with an outside
vendor to manage online sales. At the end of the year, Carol shared some exciting news. “Sam and Jane, you have done
such a great job that one of the biggest names in the glass business wants to buy us out! And Jane, they want to talk to
you about merging all of our customer and vendor information with theirs beforehand.”
Which regulator has jurisdiction over the shop\\’s data management practices?
A. The Federal Trade Commission.
B. The Department of Commerce.
C. The Data Protection Authority.
D. The Federal Communications Commission.
Correct Answer: A
Reference: https://fas.org/sgp/crs/misc/R45631.pdf

A user who owns a resource wants to give other individuals access to the resource. What control would apply?
A. Mandatory access control.
B. Role-based access controls.
C. Discretionary access control.
D. Context of authority controls.
Correct Answer: B
Reference: https://docs.microsoft.com/bs-latn-ba/azure/role-based-access-control/overview

What is a mistake organizations make when establishing privacy settings during the development of applications?
A. Providing a user with too many choices.
B. Failing to use “Do Not Track” technology.
C. Providing a user with too much third-party information.
D. Failing to get explicit consent from a user on the use of cookies.
Correct Answer: D

What is a main benefit of data aggregation?
A. It is a good way to perform analysis without needing a statistician.
B. It applies two or more layers of protection to a single data record.
C. It allows one to draw valid conclusions from small data samples.
D. It is a good way to achieve de-identification and unlinkabilty.
Correct Answer: C

Free IAPP CIPT exam pdf dumps download

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Exam Name: Certified Information Security Manager

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CISM Certification | Certified Information Security Manager …

Latest Isaca CISM practice exam questions and answers

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The PRIMARY benefit of integrating information security risk into enterprise risk management is to:
A. ensure timely risk mitigation.
B. justify the information security budget.
C. obtain senior management\\’s commitment.
D. provide a holistic view of risk.
Correct Answer: D

Which of the following BEST describes an information security manager\\’s role in a multidisciplinary team that will
address a new regulatory requirement regarding operational risk?
A. Ensure that all IT risks are identified
B. Evaluate the impact of information security risks
C. Demonstrate that IT mitigating controls are in place
D. Suggest new IT controls to mitigate operational risk
Correct Answer: B
The job of the information security officer on such a team is to assess the risks to the business operation. Choice A is
incorrect because information security is not limited to IT issues. Choice C is incorrect because at the time a team is
formed to assess risk, it is premature to assume that any demonstration of IT controls will mitigate business operations
risk. Choice D is incorrect because it is premature at the time of the formation of the team to assume that any
suggestion of new IT controls will mitigate business operational risk.

The PRIMARY benefit of performing an information asset classification is to:
A. link security requirements to business objectives.
B. identify controls commensurate to risk.
C. define access rights.
D. establish ownership.
Correct Answer: B
All choices are benefits of information classification. However, identifying controls that are proportional to the risk in all
cases is the primary benefit of the process.

A third-party service provider has proposed a data loss prevention (DLP) solution. Which of the following MUST be in
place for this solution to be relevant to the organization?
A. Senior management support
B. A data classification schema
C. An adequate data testing environment
D. A business case
Correct Answer: D

Which of the following is a benefit of information security governance?
A. Reduction of the potential for civil or legal liability
B. Questioning trust in vendor relationships
C. Increasing the risk of decisions based on incomplete management information
D. Direct involvement of senior management in developing control processes
Correct Answer: A
Information security governance decreases the risk of civil or legal liability. The remaining answers are incorrect. Option
D appears to be correct, but senior management would provide oversight and approval as opposed to direct
involvement in developing control processes.

Free Isaca CISM exam pdf dumps download

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Exam Name: National Council Licensure

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NCLEX Admission Tests NCLEX | NCLEX-PN

Latest NCLEX Admission Tests NCLEX NCLEX-PN practice exam questions and answers

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Which of the following motions is identified with the corresponding action?
(Action – Turning palm of hand over to face in the anterior direction, dorsum of the hand is pointed downward toward the
A. Pronation
B. Supination
C. Abduction
D. Adduction
Correct Answer: B
Supination – “Holding a bowl of soup in your hand.”

A 35-year-old Latin-American client wishes to lose weight to reduce her chances of developing heart disease and
diabetes. The client states, “I do not know how to make my diet work with the kind of foods that my family eats.”
What should the nurse do first to help the client determine a suitable diet for disease prevention?
A. Provide her with copies of the approved dietary guidelines for the American Diabetic Association and the American
Heart Association.
B. Ask the client to provide a list of the types of foods she eats to determine how to best meet her needs.
C. Provide a high-protein diet plan for the client.
D. Provide the client with information related to risk factors for heart disease and diabetes.
Correct Answer: B
Assessment is the first step. Assessing what the client eats helps the nurse determine a plan for dietary
recommendations based on the ADA and AHA guidelines.
Providing the client with a copy of the guidelines is important but is not the first priority.
Based on the client\\’s wish to reduce her chances of heart disease and diabetes, a high-protein diet plan might not be
Providing information to the client related to risk factors for heart disease and diabetes is important but is not the first

A couple from the Philippines living in the United States is expecting their first child.
In providing culturally competent care, the nurse must first __________.
A. review their own cultural beliefs and biases
B. respectfully request that the couple utilize only medically approved health care providers
C. realize that the clients have to learn their new country\\’s accepted medical practices
D. study family dynamics to understand the male and female gender roles in the clients’ culture
Correct Answer: A
The nurse needs to recognize her own beliefs and biases and learn about the client\\’s cultural beliefs.

A client asks the nurse what risk factors increase the chances of getting skin cancer.
The risk factors include all except __________.
A. light or fair complexion.
B. exposure to sun for great periods of time.
C. certain diet and foods.
D. history of bad sunburns.
Correct Answer: C
Conditions that increase risks for skin cancer are: light or fair complexion, history of having bad sunburns or scars from
previous burns, personal or family history of skin cancer, frequently working or playing outdoors with exposure to the
exposure to X-rays or radiation, exposure to certain chemicals through work or hobbies (coal, pitch, asphalt, petroleum),
repeated trauma or injury to an area resulting in scars, older than age 50, male gender, and living in a geographic
location near the equator or at high altitudes.
Ways to prevent skin cancer are avoiding exposure to the sun, wearing a hat to protect the face, avoiding all sun lamps,
and using a sunscreen with a minimum of 15 sun protection factor (SPF) if exposure to the sun is unavoidable.
Teaching clients how to recognize a potential problem involves inspecting the skin frequently; noting all birthmarks,
freckles, and moles; and seeking medical assistance if any of the following are noted: change in color, change in
change in surface texture, change in size, change in the surrounding skin, or a new mole or a sore that does not heal.

Following the change of shift report, the nurse should analyze the information and set priorities accordingly.
When the plan has been formulated, at what point during the shift can or should the nurse\\’s plan be altered or
A. halfway through the shift
B. at the end of the shift before the nurse reports off
C. when needs change
D. after the top-priority tasks have been completed
Correct Answer: C
The nurse changes the plan to respond to changes in needs.

Free NCLEX Admission Tests NCLEX NCLEX-PN exam pdf dumps download

[100% free] NCLEX Admission Tests NCLEX NCLEX-PN exam pdf dumps https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FG2i-OitwKLdNU4wv__TwBRdfV6OaPbA/view?usp=sharing

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