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Valid HP HPE0-J58 Dumps [HPE0-J58 PDF, HPE0-J58 Practice Test Free]

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Valid HPE0-J58 practice exam questions 2022 updated!

HPE0-J58 Q&As


Refer to the exhibit, which reflects the Bill of Materials (BOM) configuration for one datacenter.

A customer needs a new storage solution of two HPE 3PAR 8440 arrays. The customer\’s environment consists of eight physical servers in each data center attached to the SAN and one StoreOnce 3540 system with two FC I/O cards.
The distance between data centers is less than 75 meters.
What should you add to the BOM to meet the customer’s needs?

A. one HPE 25m Mini SAS High-Density Active Optical Cable for each HPE 3PAR 8440
B. one HPR 3PAR StoreServ AC RPS Service Processor
C. one HPE 3PAR StoreServ 8000 Direct Connect Cabling Option for Drive Enclosure for each HPE 3PAR 8440
D. one HPE SN3000B SAN Switch 12-port Upgrade E-LTU per switch, the appropriate number of SFPs and cables

Correct Answer: B


A customer needs a new replication solution that makes use of capacity efficiency technologies, even though data is being replicated to another array. You have been developing a solution that includes two HPE 3PAR arrays. What should you emphasize in your proposal?

A. The arrays share deduplication hash tables, and the target array only needs to compress the replicated data from the source array
B. Compression technologies increase the effective bandwidth being available for replication and disaster recovery
C. Thin Technologies, deduplication, and compression can be used on both sides with volumes in Remote Copy groups
D. The data being replicated will travel the connection between the arrays fully compressed and deduplicated

Correct Answer: D


An HPE Nimble customer needs to consolidate storage and scale performance. They are looking to purchase additional hardware to meet these requirements. What is the best solution to offer this customer?

A. Add additional SSDs to the cache
B. Use multiple single-array storage pools
C. Add additional HBAs in the arrays
D. Use multi-array storage pools

Correct Answer: D


A customer is interested in using HPE InfoSight Cross-stack Analytics for VMware.
Where does the customer need to make the appropriate configuration changes to make this active?

A. VMware vCenter
C. HPE InfoSight Portal
D. HPE 3PAR Service Processor

Correct Answer: C


A customer has two HPE 3PAR arrays which are using Remote Copy and AO. The customer notices a large portion of the data is residing in the NL tier of the secondary array, while all tiers are utilized evenly on the primary array. Which statement about the secondary array behavior is true?

A. The NL CPG in the second array is larger
B. This is normal behavior for AO
C. There is an improper AO configuration on the secondary array
D. AO should not be used with Remote Copy configurations

Correct Answer: B


Refer to the exhibit.

A customer is considering a new HPE 3PAR for the purpose of implementing deduplication and compression. Based on the output returned from the NinjaCrawler tool, what do you know about the customer data?

A. This data is a good candidate for HPE 3PAR deduplication
B. This data has a video data workload profile
C. This data is from an HP-UX system
D. This data has a block size that is not optimal for HPE 3PAR

Correct Answer: A


A customer has two HPE Nimble arrays that are replication partners. The replication schedule is set to every hour. After replication is completed at 1:00 pm, the array at the primary site suffers a power failure.
Applications were failed over successfully by the administrators, and production continued on the secondary site array as designed.

At 3:00 pm, the power was restored to the primary site array.
What does the administrator need to do first to restore services in the primary site?

A. Perform handover from the second array to the primary array
B. Create a new replication partnership from the primary array to the secondary array
C. Create a new replication partnership from the second array to the primary array
D. Perform a failback of the existing replication partnership to the primary array

Correct Answer: A


A customer has a Tier 1 application that has high bandwidth and is sensitive to latency.
The customer needs a solution to support this application. The solution must support replication between two sites over dark fiber links and support an RPO of zero.

Which solution meets the customer requirements?

A. dual HPE 3PAR 9450 arrays with data replicated using RCFC
B. dual Nimble AF40 arrays with data replicated over FC
C. dual HPE 3PAR 8400 arrays with data replicated using iSCSI
D. dual Nimble HF20 arrays with data replicated over iSCSI

Correct Answer: C


A customer needs to upgrade their existing HPE 3PAR environment. They ask you to present a solution to gather data from all 200 of their HPE 3PARs arrays, which are spread across the globe. The arrays consist of various generations and OS levels, and they are managed by regional instances of SSMC. What should you present to the customer as a solution?

A. using an HPE 3PAR CLI script with the check upgrade command
B. using a script based on the HPE 3PAR Web Services API
C. using the upgrade report tool in HPE InfoSight
D. using the SSMC array configuration reports

Correct Answer: D

Reference: https://support.hpe.com/hpsc/doc/public/display?docId=c05243943


Refer to the Exhibit.

A customer with an existing HPE Nimble installation sends you the output shown. The administrator who initially set up the replication has left the company. They ask you what the current RPO level for their replication is. How should you respond?

A. They need to verify the RPO level from the host vc-ms-fileserver
B. They have an RPO of four minutes
C. They need to send a screenshot of the volumes tab
D. They have an RPO of two minutes

Correct Answer: B


How does the HPE Nimble Storage product strategy support a customer\’s investment protection requirements for today and the future?

A. by supporting replication with arrays from other vendors
B. by supporting the implementation of third party cache, spinning media, and flash media
C. by supporting replication between current and previous-generation array models
D. by supporting the repurposing of obsolete array controllers as high-density servers

Correct Answer: B


A customer has three 4-node HPE 3PAR arrays. Two of the arrays are deployed at a primary site, and the third array is deployed at a disaster recovery site. Both arrays at the primary site are replicated to the single array at the disaster recovery site.

All replication is asynchronous periodic. All arrays are utilizing 4 RCIP links for replication.
The customer needs to add a third array at the primary site. They would like to use the existing array at the disaster recovery site as a replication target for this additional array.

What must the architect consider to meet this customer requirement?

A. A single pair of RCIP ports on one array can have a Remote Copy relationship with up to two other arrays
B. Remote Copy fan-in ratios of greater than 2:1 are only supported with RCIP when using 10 Gb Ethernet links
C. Arrays involved in a Remote Copy relationship must have the same number of node pairs
D. Asynchronous streaming replication must be used for Remote Copy fan-in ratios greater than 2:1

Correct Answer: A

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