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Is the material in the book enough or should I read more, about HP HPE6-A72

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Latest HP HPE6-A72 exam practice questions by HPE6-A72 exam dumps


What connectivity commands are available on AOS-CX switches? (Choose two.)

A. netstatus
B. traceroute
C. ping
D. pathping
E. tracert

Correct Answer: BC


The following command is issued:
Switch# checkpoint rollback start
What is the result?

A. The command will fail because rollback commands must be issued from global-config mode.
B. The switch will revert the running-configuration to the checkpoint called “start” without a reboot.
C. The command will fail because it is incomplete.
D. The switch will use the checkpoint “rollback” as the starting configuration on next reboot.

Correct Answer: B


Refer to the exhibit

Which command on Access-2 port 1/1/4 will enable connectivity between PC-1 and Server-1 without any routing
enabled in the network?

A. Access-2 (config-if-1/1/4)# vlan access 1, 10, 20, 255
B. Access-2 (config-if-1/1/4)# vlan access 20
C. Access-2 (config-if-1/1/4)# vlan 20 untag 1/1/4
D. Access-2 (config-if-1/1/4)# vlan trunk allow 1, 10, 255

Correct Answer: B


What are two features of the three-tier designs? (Choose two.)

A. removes the distribution layer in favor of a spine-leaf design used in modern data center deployments
B. adds a distribution layer to free up resources from the Core for improved performance and routing throughput
C. a more scalable design over by leveraging a distribution layer to handle Layer 3 routing and access control in large
D. uses only Layer 2 access on the Access and the Core with Layer 3 routing and access control provided at the
distribution layer
E. is considered legacy by requiring a large flat layer-two broadcast domain from Core to Access and should be

Correct Answer: BC


Which switches support Aruba Virtual Switching Extension (VSX)? (Choose two.)

A. Aruba 6405
B. Aruba 2930F
C. Aruba 8400
D. Aruba 5406R
E. Aruba 8350

Correct Answer: AC


Refer to the exhibit.

What command (output shown above) gives the optics serial number and part number information?

A. show interface physical
B. show interface transceiver
C. show inventory
D. show interface optics

Correct Answer: B

Reference: https://techhub.hpe.com/eginfolib/networking/docs/switches/WB/15-18/5998-8162_wb_2920_mcg/content/ch11s05.html


Refer to the exhibit.

The above scenario shows a packet from the Server destined for the Firewall. Switch-A and Switch-B are bundled as
VSF stack. The LAG between the VSF stack and the firewall indicates a hash function to forward the packet on port
2/1/2. Which statement is true regarding how Switch-A will forward the packet?

A. Switch-A will forward the packet on port 1/1/2. VSF will override the typical LAG hash function used for the physical
interface selection.
B. Switch-A will drop the packet. Multi-Chassis lag to multi-chassis lag is not a supported feature of VSF.
C. Switch-A will encapsulate the packet using GRE to forward to Switch-B in order for the packet to egress on port 2/1/2 per the hash function.
D. Switch-A will forward the packet along the VSF link to Switch-B so that it will egress on port 2/1/2 per the hash

Correct Answer: D


Match each network protocol to the correct server listening port. Not all answers will be used.

Select and Place:

Correct Answer:


With what other technology does Half Duplex communication closely match?

A. a pair of fiber optic strands allowing transmit on one and receive on the other at the same time
B. a mobile phone call
C. point-to-point connections between two switches allowing concurrent transmit and receive
D. CB radio using push-to-talk

Correct Answer: D

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