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About Exam, IBM C1000-124 Dumps Real problem sharing

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The topic we are going to talk about today is about the IBM Cloud Advocate v1 C1000-124 dumps. Most people know the importance of the exam for IT people, but many people don’t know what the exam actually looks like and what we should do to make it go smoothly. At this time, the IBM C1000-124 dumps come into play.

IBM Cloud Advocate v1 Dumps

Without further ado, let’s look at the outline

  1. Can the C1000-124 dumps really enhance your C1000-124 exam skills?
  2. Best preparation for passing the exam PDF+VCE
  3. New C1000-124 exam questions, free test
  4. Latest free C1000-124 PDF google drive

Can the C1000-124 dumps really enhance your C1000-124 exam skills?

The answer is yes! Get official materials to study and prepare for the IBM C1000-124 exam. Take advantage of the help of the C1000-124 exam dump to answer your C1000 124 exam questions efficiently. Arrange your preparation with C1000-124 dumps (PDF + VCE) and gain the most effective IBM Certified Advocate skills to date.

Best preparation for passing the exam PDF+VCE

Remember that there is no strategy for preparing for the IBM C1000-124 exam without difficulty. You have to study hard to pass the IBM Cloud Advocate exam. Choosing the best C1000-124 dumps source is crucial, be sure to choose a dumps with PDF and VCE modes, so that it is easy to learn and successfully pass the IBM Cloud Advocate v1 exam to obtain IBM Certified Advocate.

New C1000-124 exam questions | Take a free mock test

For the practice test, in fact, I have written related articles before. Come back today to share the new C1000-124 exam questions

1. What is an example of a cloud native application?

A. An application developed using an IBM Cloud hosted integrated development environment and deployed to production on a locally hosted virtual machine
B. A software platform available exclusively on IBM Cloud
C. A containerized application that is deployed on an orchestrated platform
D. A Windows application designed to run both on IBM Cloud and on locally hosted environments

2. Which type of storage is used in a database application that needs consistent fast access to disk?

A. Block Storage
B. Instance Storage
C. Object Storage
D. File Storage

3. Hyperledger fabric is the blockchain implementation used with which IBM Cloud service?

A. Hyperledger Platform
B. Distributed Ledger Platform
C. Blockchain Platform
D. Internet of Things Platform

4. Which part of a cloud implementation is the infrastructure layer most commonly referred to as?

A. Software defined resources
B. Virtual resources
C. Containerized resources
D. Physical resources

5. What is a virtual private cloud?

A. A collection of public virtual machines built on private single tenant hardware
B. A secure, isolated private cloud hosted within a public cloud
C. A collection of private bare metal servers, running single tenant virtual machines
D. A secure, isolated, private cloud hosted on premises

6. According to NIST, what are the five essential characteristics of the cloud?

A. On-demand self-service, broad network access, resource pooling, rapid elasticity, and measured service
B. Networks, firewalls, storage, applications, and services
C. Platform as a service, bring your own software license, ability to reply applications over the internet, software as a service, and private network
D. On-demand network access, dedicated pool of computing resources, direct attached storage, rapid provisioning, and self service

7. What is a benefit of Public Cloud?

A. Offers the most significant economies of scale
B. Offers control of internal IT resources
C. Controls and automates deployments and updates
D. Offers controlled access and greater security measures customized to specific organizational needs

8. What was the earliest implementation of cloud computing?

A. Selling unused time slices
B. LAN parties and cyber cafes
C. Indexing large data sets across universities
D. Providing compute resources for complex problems such as protein folding or asteroid tracking

9. What are containers?

A. Independent units deployed in networking spaces that are logically separated segments
B. A control group that can be run anywhere, desktop, traditional IT, or the cloud
C. An executable unit of software in which application code is packaged
D. A security group that provides security at the instance level such as VSIs

10. An application is comprised of a set of core functions such as product catalog, client ratings, user forums, and each function must be developed and deployed independently of each other. Which architecture supports this requirement?

A. Microservices
B. Platform-as-a-service
C. Fowler
D. Monolithic

11. Which statement is true regarding serverless computing?

A. Users are charged a low hourly rate during idle time for the serverless computing service
B. Implementations differ across service providers, and capabilities vary, including supported runtimes, authentication, scaling and monitoring
C. Serverless application are generally long-running (days or weeks) and stateful (maintain state or information across requests)
D. Serverless is not well-suited for event processing or IOT

12. What is a resource group in IBM Cloud?

A. Application resources that have been placed in the same zone
B. A container for resources to which access privileges can be assigned
C. A set of provisioned services labeled with the same tag
D. A group of resources that can be created on demand using a Teraform script

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