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IBM C7010-013 Exam Questions [C7010-013 PDF] Dumps Latest Update

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C7010-013 dumps pdf questions

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If you are concerned about the IBM Curam C7010-013 exam

What is IBM Curam C7010-013?

IBM C7010-013 Full name IBM Cúram V6.0.5, Business Analysis and Design, is an entry-level certification for business analysts, consultants, testers, and anyone looking to acquire the basic IBM cúram skills needed to implement a project at IBM Cúram. This certification will help you learn and develop basic business analytics skills.

Examination time of the C7010-013 exam?

C7010-013 is a 90 minutes exam. Complementary: The exam is available in English language only.

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C7010-013 – IBM Cúram V6.0.5, Business Analysis, and Design Practice Test Questions

The correct answer is at the end of the question.

1. Which three of the following are evidence workspaces?

A. In Edit Evidence
B. Outgoing Evidence
C. Outcomes
D. Evidence Flow
E. Assessments
F. Issues

2. Which three of the following statements about rate tables are true?

A. They have effective dates
B. They store values for drop-down lists
C. They store application properties
D. They can be cloned
E. They cannot be used by rule sets
F. They store values that can vary over time

3. Which three of the following statements about locations are true?

A. Locations represent the work places of the users
B. Each location must have a unique address
C. Locations are organized within a hierarchy
D. Locations are elements within the organization structure
E. Each location can have its own holiday schedule
F. Each location has its own lead position

4. Evidence records associated with which case type can be shared across multiple product delivery cases?

A. Product delivery case
B. Integrated case
C. Screening case
D. Assessment case
E. Issue case

5. Which three of the following statements about outcome plan services are true?

A. Services do not have an associated financial cost
B. The agency (not the client) will pay for services that have an associated cost
C. Services can be configured to require supervisory approval
D. Services must be delivered directly by the organization
E. A provider is mandatory when creating a service

6. Which of the following components is used to derive these results?

A. Cúram Intelligent Evidence Gathering
B. Cúram Data Mapping Editor
C. Cúram Express Rules (CER) rule set
D. Cúram Decision Assist

7. Which of the following statements about IBM Cúram Evidence records is true?

A. Each evidence record is associated with an evidence relationship
B. Each evidence record is associated with a case owner
C. Each evidence record is associated with an evidence type
D. Each evidence record is associated with an evidence approval check

8. What is a communication exception?

A. A type of communication that should not be used for a certain participant
B. A type of communication that results in a template error
C. A one-off communication that is sent to a participant to confirm their registration
D. A communication that does not reach its intended recipient
E. A communication for which no template exists

9. Which three of the following are the basic financial units processed by IBM Cúram?

A. Financial component
B. Liability
C. Allocation
D. Payment
E. Payslip
F. Payment received

10. Which three of the following are components of an application tab in the IBM Cúram user interface?

A. Application sections
B. Modal dialog
C. Navigation bar
D. Page group navigation bar
E. Shortcuts panel
F. Context panel

11. The agency wishes to register a community-based organization (CBO), which will submit applications and supporting documentation on behalf of other participants.
The agency should register this CBO as which participant type?

A. Person
B. Service supplier
C. External party
D. Employer
E. Representative

12. Which three of the following are terms dealing with IBM Cúram Express Rules (CER)?

A. Rule attribute
B. Rule session
C. Rule object
D. Rule repeat
E. Rule flow
F. Rule list group

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