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Hey, Awesome! FREE HP HPE ASE HPE0-J68 Practice Exam

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Needless to say, everyone knows the importance of the HPE0-J68 practice exam for passing the HP HPE Storage Solutions exam. Here is a free share of the latest HPE0-J68 practice exam. Yes, you heard it right, it’s free! These exam exercises are from the latest HPE0-J68 dumps: https://www.pass4itsure.com/hpe0-j68.html (Q&As: 120).

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The Practice Exam Questions HPE Storage Solutions HPE0-J68 From HPE0-J68 Dumps:


You are planning an upgrade to a customer\\’s existing HPE 3PAR StoreServ 8200 to include 4-port 16Gb FC adapters.
The servers are zoned to see the storage via four paths. The customer is concerned about storage availability during
the upgrade.

Which statement is correct about performing this upgrade?

A. When NPIV is enabled, the HPE 3PAR Port persistence will show all four paths to the servers.
B. The MPIO service will do a failover, and the servers will continue to have access via two paths.
C. Windows servers require host explorer to be installed to ensure MPIO is unaffected.
D. As long as MEM driver is installed on VMware vSphere, no path failures are seen.


Which statement is correct when comparing functionalities of the AF and HF series in the Nimble Storage portfolio?
(Choose Two)

A. Zero Copy Clones are a unique feature of All-Flash arrays within the Nimble Portfolio.
B. >99.9999% availability is measured and guaranteed for AF and HF series arrays.
C. HF series has a dedicated read cache and the AF series does not have a dedicated reach cache.
D. HF series supports storage snapshots and replication using Veeam Backup and Replication, HF and AF series
support storage snapshots only


What allows volume level data to be copied between an HPE 3PAR and an HPE store Virtual VSA?

A. Store virtual Peer motion
B. HPE 3PAR Remote Copy
C. Recovery Manager central
D. StoreServ Peer Motion


Match the HPE converged Strategy principle with its function

A. Federated Storage:- Move data between storage systems in a peer-to-peer relationship simply, dynamically and
B. Deduplication:-Reduce allocated capacity by eliminating data redundancy
C. Thin provisioning:-Reduce TCO, Opex, and CPEx by using virtualization technology to make storage resources more
D. Storage tiering:-Use combination of I/O accelerator to place data to meet price, performance, and latency
E. Storage virtualization:- Deliver simplified management, higher utilization, efficiency, and agility by separating the logical and physical resources.


A customer needs to update the local server at each of their branches to keep up with the increasing demand for High-performance storage. The customer cannot afford to move to SAN in each state. Which HPE storage technology can
increase performance for this customer?

A. Smart Path
B. SmartCache
C. Adaptive Flash Cache
D. Persistent Cache


What has to be taken into account when performing capacity planning for HPE Nimble storage using deduplication?

A. Deduplication is performed on a per-volume basic
B. Deduplication is performed on a per array basic
C. Deduplication is performed on a per-application category basic
D. Deduplication is performed on a per pool and block size basic


Which value does a Nimble solution provide in addition to other HPE storage solutions?

A. Flat support pricing for all hardware components
B. Future-proofed for newer technologies
C. All-inclusive software licensing over 5 years and additional capacity upgrades
D. Upfront option for free controller upgrade after 3 years


Which statement is true when defining object storage?

A. It is most suited for sharing files and characterized by volumes
B. It is most suited for unstructured data and characterized by file share protocols like NFS
C. It is most suited for unstructured data and characterized by containers or buckets
D. suited for database It is most and characterized by containers or buckets


A customer wants to implement a virtualized environment and wants to provide independent storage access to individual virtual servers. Which feature needs to be enabled on the B-series FC switches to support this solution?



Which type of networking switch handles both Ethernet and fiber channel traffic?

A. Director
B. Virtual
C. Edge
D. Converged


What advantage does the Unified API that is part of HPE\\’s composable strategy provides?

A. infrastructure lifecycle managed with standard programming code
B. single portal for managing servers, networking, and storage
C. write-back capability and instant cable warmth
D. dedicated object storage platform


Which management interface uses four basic commands (Create, read, update ad delete )to enable administrators to
define ad radically simply management processes?

A. Rest API


Due to industry regulation a customer is required to store backup at a separate data center from the company\\’s main
data center. The customer application requires fast backup and quick restore increase of data loss. Which solution allow
the customer to meet both industry and application requirement?

A. HPE store serve 3par in a main and secondary data center with RCIP replication between arrays
B. Nimble AF series in main data center and Nimble SF series in the secondary data center
C. HPE Storeserve 3Par in main data center HPE StoreOnce in a secondary data center with RMC
D. HPR StoreServ 3PAR in main data center and HPE StoreOnce in both main and secondary data center.

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