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How To Pass HP HPE6-A73 Exam With Latest HPE6-A73 Dumps

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Valid HP HPE6-A73 Exam Questions


Which option correctly defines how to identify a VLAN as a voice VLAN on an AOS-CX switch?
A. Switch(config)# port-access lldp-group Switch(config-lldp-group)# vlan
B. Switch(config)# port-access role Switch(config-pa-role)# vlan access
C. Switch(config)# vlan Switch(config-vlan-)# voice
D. Switch(config)# vlan voice
Correct Answer: C


What is correct regarding policy-based routing?
A. Policies can only be applied to routed interfaces.
B. Policies can be applied inbound and outbound.
C. Monitoring of policy interfaces occurs every 60 seconds.
D. Policy actions include routing permitting or dropping traffic.
Correct Answer: A


Which protocols are used by NetEdit to interact with third-party devices? (Choose two.)
A. telnet
D. Restful API
Correct Answer: BC


Examine the network exhibit


A network administrator is implementing OSPF on a VSX pair of aggregation switches: Agg1 and Agg2. VLANs 10 and
20 are connected to layer-2 access switches. Agg-1 and Agg-2 are configured as the default gateway for VLANs 10 and
20, with active gateway, enabled.
What is the best practice for configuring OSPF on the aggregation switches and their connection to the Core switch?
A. Define a layer-2 VSX LAG associated with a layer-3 VLAN interface. Enable active gateway for the Layer-3 VLAN.
B. Define separate layer-3 VLAN interfaces between the aggregation and core switches. Enable active forwarding for
the Layer-3 VLAN.
C. Define separate layer-3 VLAN interfaces between the aggregation and core switches. Enable active gateway for the
Layer-3 VLAN.
D. Define a layer-2 VSX LAG associated with a layer-3 VLAN interface. Enable active forwarding for the Layer-3 VLAN.
Correct Answer: A


An administrator is supporting a network with the access layer consisting of AOS-CX 6300 and 6400 switches. The
administrator needs to quickly deploy Aruba IAPs and security cameras in the network, ensuring that the correct QoS
and VLAN settings are dynamically applied to the switch ports. Currently, switches are not configured to do device
authentication, and no authentication server exists in the network.
Which AOS-CX feature should the administrator use to dynamically assign the policy settings to the correct switch
A. Device profiles
B. Change of authorization
C. Dynamic segmentation
D. Voice VLANs
Correct Answer: C


Examine the AOS-CS switch output:


Based on this output, what is correct?
A. 802.1X authentication was successful, but MAC authentication is yet to start
B. 802.1X authentication occurred and downloadable user roles are deployed
C. A local user role was deployed using a ClearPass solution
D. Only 802.1X authentication is configured on the port
Correct Answer: B


A network administrator needs to replace an antiquated access layer solution with a modular solution involving AOS-CX
switches. The administrator wants to leverage virtual switching technologies. The solution needs to support high availability with dual-control planes.
Which solution should the administrator implement?
A. AOS-CX 8325
B. AOS-CX 6300
C. AOS-CX 6400
D. AOS-CX 8400
Correct Answer: A


Examine the network exhibit.


Examine the network exhibit. routing switch in the DMZ.
Which feature should the administrator implement to ensure that the guest traffic is tunneled to the DMZ while the
employee traffic is forwarded using OSPF?
A. OSPF route maps using the “set metric” command
B. Policy-based routing (PBR)
C. User-based tunneling (UBT) D. Classifier policies
Correct Answer: C


An administrator is configuring BGP and has two connections to a service provider to two different local
Which BGP metric should the administrator configure to influence which local router the service provider
will use to reach certain routes?
A. Weight
B. Multiple exit discriminator
C. Local preference D. Origin
Correct Answer: B


A network engineer is using NetEdit to manage AOS-CX switches. The engineer notices that a lot of third-party VoIP
phones are showing up in the NetEdit topology. The engineer deletes these, but they are automatically rediscovered by NetEdit and added back in.
What should the administrator do to solve this problem?
A. Change the VoIP phone SNMP community string to something unknown by NetEdit
B. Disable LLDP globally on the AOS-CX switches where phones are connected
C. Disable SSH access on all the VoIP phones
D. Disable the RESTful API on all the VoIP phones
Correct Answer: A


A network administrator is implementing NAE on AOS-CX switches. When attempting to create an agent on a particular
switch, the agent appears in the NAE Agents panel with a red triangle error symbol and a status of “Unknown”.
What is the cause of this issue?
A. The administrator does not have the appropriate credentials to interact with NAE
B. The number of scripts or agents has exceeded the hardware\’s capabilities
C. A connectivity issue exists between NAE and the AOS-CX switch D. The RESTful API has not been enabled on the
AOS-CX switch
Correct Answer: C


A network engineer is examining NAE graphs from the Dashboard but notices that the time shown in the graph does not
represent the current time. The engineer verifies that the AOS-CX switch is configured for NTP and is successfully
synchronized. What should be done to fix this issue?
A. Ensure the engineer\’s web browser is configured for the same timezone as the AOS-CX switch
B. Ensure the engineer\’s PC is synchronized to the same NTP server as the AOS-CX switch
C. Ensure NetEdit and the AOS-CX switch are synchronized to the same NTP server D. Enable trust settings for the
AOS-CX switch\’s SSL certificate
Correct Answer: C


The AOS-CX mobile app allows a network engineer or technician to perform which tasks? (Choose two.)
A. Use NetEdit to manage switch configuration.
B. Create a stack of AOS-CX switches.
C. Transfer files between the switch and your mobile device.
D. Securely access the switch using SSH.
E. Schedule an operating system upgrade.
Correct Answer: CD

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