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Dell EMC Exam Dumps

Latest Valid EMC exam dumps, DES-1B21,DES-6321,DES-6332

Dell EMC Exam
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Dell EMC DES-1B21 Exam Practice Test For Free

How would you check the current color of an ECS rack?
A. cat /etc/HOSTNAME
B. getrackinfo
C. cat /var/tmp/installer/provisioning.txt
D. rpm -ivh –color=red ecs-os-base
Correct Answer: B

During pre-ECS software installation, which system check should be manually performed?
A. Platform data
B. Rack networking
C. Network separation
D. Disk configuration
Correct Answer: B

What is the default path for the customized topology file?
A. /var/tmp/installer
B. /opt/emc/caspian/installer/conf/
C. /home/admin/
D. /opt/emc/caspian/installer
Correct Answer: D

In an environment with two or more VDCs, which operation is unavailable when network connectivity is interrupted
between the VDCs?
A. Read object
B. Update object
C. Write object
D. Create bucket
Correct Answer: A
Reference: https://storageconsortium.de/content/sites/default/files/downloads/EMC%20ECS%20WP_h14071-ecsarchitectural-guide-wp.pdf (30)

An organization wants to implement a federated ECS between two sites and use Dell EMC Isilon CloudPools
functionality to archive data to ECS for long term retention. They are planning to implement ECS with network
separation. What could be deployed optionally in this implementation?
A. DNS entries
B. Static routes configuration
C. Static IP addresses for each of the ECS nodes
D. Load balancer configuration
Correct Answer: A

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Dell EMC DES-6321 Exam Practice Test For Free

A company has a simple, 3 node VxRail cluster. The VxRail is running version 3.5 and utilizes a vSphere Enterprise
Plus license. The company has asked for a VxRail software upgrade. What are the steps for the upgrade?
A. Log in to VxRail Manager, select “Internet Upgrade”, then follow the prompts.
B. Log in to support.emc.com and download the upgrade packages.Next, open VxRail Manager, select “Off-line
Upgrade”, then follow the prompts.
C. Contact Dell EMC support to request the upgrade to the VxRail cluster.
D. Placeall four nodes into maintenance mode.Next, log in to VxRail Manager, select “Internet Upgrade”, then follow the
Correct Answer: A

Which VxRail node type supports only hybrid storage?
A. S Series
B. E Series
C. G Series
D. V Series
Correct Answer: A
What is the Dell EMC product that is purpose-built for departmental and edge applications, as well as small enterprise
and mid-market data centers?
A. Vscale Architecture
B. VxRail
C. VxRack
D. Vblock/VxBlock
Correct Answer: B
VxRail Appliances are purposebuilt for departmental and edge applications as well as small enterprise and mid-market data centers. Like VxRack Systems they do not contain a storage array, but instead run a software-defined storage
environment on the appliance. They are built using standard x86 hardware, and tend to focus on ease of use and use
case specific features. VxRail Appliances scale from 4 to 64 nodes.
In a VxRail Stretched Cluster built from eight all-flash nodes, what should be the recommended storage policy to ensure
the highest possible protection?
A. Raid-1(Mirroring) FTT=1
B. Raid-1(Mirroring) FTT=2
C. Raid-5/6(Erasure Coding) FTT=1
D. Raid-5/6(Erasure Coding) FTT=2
Correct Answer: B
A VxRail deployment has just been completed, and the performance service is enabled, but the vSAN performance
statistics are not available for the cluster or virtual machines. What is the reason for this situation?
A. vSAN performance hot-fix has not been applied
B. Monitoring policy has not been created
C. Performance service has not been manually enabled
D. Data has not been populated
Correct Answer: B

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Dell EMC DES-6332 Exam Practice Test For Free

Which level of data protection can be configured across sites in a VxRail Stretched Cluster?
C. RAID 1/0
Correct Answer: D

Dell EMC VxRail All-Flash nodes have been deployed in a Stretched Cluster configuration A storage policy has been
configured with:
PFTT = 1
SFTT = 0
FTM = Default
What protection will a VMDK have with this storage policy?
RAID 1 cross-site RAID 5 locally
No cross-site protection RAID 1 locally
RAID 1 cross-site RAID 1 locally
RAID 1 cross-site No local protection
Correct Answer: A

You are planning to install CloudArray Virtual Edition. Where should you navigate to in VxRail Manager?
A. Config > System
B. Config > General
C. Support > Download
D. Config > Market
Correct Answer: B

A VxRail administrator has been asked to configure fault domains for an All-Flash VxRail cluster The application VMs
must be able to tolerate two failures and use capacity as efficiently as possible. What is the minimum number of fault
domains that must be configured?
A. 4
B. 5
C. 6
D. 7
Correct Answer: C

Which software component is used to collect real-time log activity for VxRail?
A. Platform Services Controller
B. vRealize Log Insight
C. vCenter
D. VxRail Manager
Correct Answer: A

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